Once Is Enough

Actually I wanted to share this 8 days ago when it first appeared on Soundcloud, but busy me never got the time to do so. This is now changing with today's post. A while back I posted Amtrac's "Once Is Enough" and it was (and still is) one of my favourite tracks by Amtrac to date. Now Kartell has had the chance to remix is dope track and the result is groovy as gravy...or well you know... It's fire!!!

Get/Stream "Once Is Enough" (Kartell Remix) by Amtrac HERE
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Up next is a track by Paris based FEYNMAN called "Air". The track is a dope chillout electronica instrumental, with a great atmosphere and a sweet vibe. It's a catchy sound too and it's very easy to zone out to if that's your thing. According to the producer himself the track was made relatively quickly because: "I feel with the digital era, it sometimes can make you lose the soul because of the long time you can spend on a single song". "Air" is out via Fake Music and available via Itunes (see the link below).

Get "Air" by FEYNMAN on ITUNES
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