Copenhagen...Get ready for Bearcubs

In exactly one week, U.K. based Jack Ritchie aka Bearcubs will make the way across the channel and visit my wonderful hometown Copenhagen to perform at the legendary Ideal Bar (get your tickets here). The show is part of his new US/European tour where he will show off his debut album called Ultraviolet.

The album features a total of 12 tracks, including the single "Landslide" which you will find below. This particular track is a good appetiser for what is in store for you on the record and not only shows his talents as a producer, but also as a vocalist. His unique electronica/pop sound blend is absolutely stunning and manages to set him apart from the cookiecutter electronica scene. Not afraid to play with sounds and textures, he has created a full-bodied audio experience, truly marking his fingerprints on the scene. 

In preparation for his upcoming show, Bearcubs has created a unique little playlist exclusively for MYWLT, showing off some of his favourite tunes made by Scandinavian artists. There's some really cool stuff in there, so make sure to check it out and have fun with it! 

Buy tickets for Bearcubs Copenhagen show by clicking HERE

Get/Stream the full album Ultraviolet by clicking HERE

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