Between The Lines

Big news coming out of the Amtrac camp with the release of a brand new single ‘Between the Lines’ and the announcement of a forthcoming full-length album titled ‘Oddyssey’ coming 2020. Amtrac’s long career seems to finally be getting the attention it deserves as he steps up into the major leagues in a partnership with RCA records and his own label Openers on the release of the upcoming album. The first single, ‘Between The Lines’ is an interesting departure from Amtrac’s usual club-oriented melodic deep house style. This new single features vocals from Amtrac himself, an accessible composition, and more of an easy listening experience that you can either jam in front of the mirror or just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey. It has the spacious piano chords and arpeggiated synths we all know and love from his older work; but it seems the direction that Amtrac is taking with this album is one that can appeal to a broader audience while still staying true to his house roots.

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