Home Ground (Phil From Havêa Remix)

Let's dive into the weekend with this sweet remix from Phil from Havêa for Flõstate's single "Home Ground". The Majestic Casual A&R gone producer, has already wow'ed us with his single 199X and now he does it again by turning this RnB/Soul track into a sweet, easygoing chillout house tune. The addition of a snappier beat and groovier deep house style bass line fits like hand in glove and really manages to bring forward the magical vocal performance of the original mix. That being said though, the original is definitely a masterpiece too and you should keep an eye out for MKSTN & Avery Florence, who are the two behind the project Flõstate. I'm hooked on both versions and I promise you will be too. Out now on Lekker Collective, you can stream "Home Ground" (Phil From Havêa Remix) via most major streaming platforms. Start by pressing play below: 

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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