Best of 2022


Although the blog post have not been too frequent during this year, let us still take the opportunity to review this years releases and highlight some of the best tracks of 2022. For this I will highlight four categories: Best album, artist of the year, best single and best new artist. Let's go!

Album of the year

Warehouse Summer, the posthumous album of U.S. based artist I_o together with Canadian singer/songwriter Lights takes the crown on best album for me. The album was released in November and even though it is still very fresh, it is in my opinion extremely underplayed. Some of the tracks that stand out in particular to me are: "idk", "Don't Let Me Go To Sleep" and "Leave It". This album is a potpourri of electronic music genres, from acid to trance and whenever I listen to a certain track, it's like being on a journey. On top of that are Lights' immaculate vocals and deep lyrical work, which truly transforms this into a masterpiece. This album deserves my highest recommendations. 

Artist of the year

Artist of the year or rather artists of the year were in my opinion Deadmau5 and Kaskade's new selfacclaimed "boyband" format Kx5. Personality-wise these guys could not be more different, but then again it speaks for the saying "opposites attract". The two artists are likely best known for their early collabs "Move For Me" and "I Remember", but more than 14 years later they show that their joint efforts are indeed something special. Despite puzzling a few fans at EDC this year what exactly this project will turn out to be, the two came back strong when they soloed the LA Coliseum in front of more than 46.000 fans. With this insane show in the bag, it's difficult to say what the two will do next year. Safe to say that a few more singles will see the light of day before the drop of an album. 


Best single

Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers dropped their 4th album this year called "So Far, So Good". Compared to their previous albums this one marked a significant step in a new direction for the duo. After a long break from releasing music the duo came back with something truly new. While the album did not reach the same commercial success as their past works, it might be their most creative and interesting so far. My personal favourite from the album is "Maradona" for its interesting composition and arrangement, really highlighting the new sound they went with for "So Far, So Good". 

New Artist

There is a good chance you have not heard of these guys yet, but there is a good chance you have heard their music. Late9 or Latenine is a producer duo who have really stepped things up this year. Along their original releases "You Spin Me Right Round" with Quarterhead and "Black & Blue" with Benjamin Ingrosso, they have co-produced songs for artists like Hugel, Alok and Felix Jaehn. That alone is a sign of their high aspirations and should be just a teaser of what is to come from them in 2023. Make sure to add theses guys to your one's to watch list. 


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