Damn Daniel

NYC based producer INSTRUM returns with a brand new original called "Night Rolls" feat Somni. The track starts out with a sweet synth style pluck melody on the verses,  giving the track a light tropical style vibe. This vibe becomes even more dominant as the drop hits, combined with some cool and catchy lyrics. The guitar parts in this track are also really sweet and add to the listening experience. "Night Rolls" will be out on Monday, February 29th (yep...it's a leap year so that's why). Until then feel free to stream the track below:

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Up next is a fun track by French producer Invoker called "Damn Daniel!". I haven't really understood why this meme became viral...maybe I missed something and you know better. Either way, Invoker's intentions to have a bit of fun has actually resulted in a pretty dope and deep sounding bass track. I don't know what style this is exactly, but it's pretty damn awesome! Check it out below:

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