Just Let It Go

Today I want to start on a different note. This first track comes from NYC based Nozart and it's called "Just Let It Go". While it still has some electronic music references, this track does not represent the classic club sound that you'll usually find around here. There's just something really cool about this track. Maybe it's because it sounds like an old Beatles track, maybe it's the grande chorus or it's catchy melody. I can't really tell what it is, but it has captured my attention and I think it sounds awesome. While there's no release date available for this one, you can stream it all you want right here below:

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Up next is something way more clubby. This is a track called "Like A Melody" by producer dup Joyzu feat. Olivia Reid. It's a future sounding track, with plenty of omph and bass and a great vocal. It's hints towards trap, but really it is not. It's very atmospheric and at the same time very energetic. Overall there's a nice balance between these two elements. You can even pick up a free download of this via the link below.

Download HERE
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