Full Moon

CAAAAAAN YOU FEEEEEEEEEL IT?!??!?!?! The living legend Larry Heard is back with a new single called "Full Moon" under his famous alias Mr. Fingers. The vibe is amazingly laid back, fitting with the style that we've come to know from the Chicago house producer. This track also happens to be the opener for his forthcoming album called "Cerebral Hemispheres", including a total of 18 new pieces of music coming out on his own imprint Alleviated Records on April 13th. The LP will be a complete listening experience, so if you are expecting club bangers...forget about it. This is deep, soulful electronica that deserves to be cherished second by second.

So get your proper audio equipment out for this one, kick back and enjoy some classy beats from a producer veteran!

Pre-order Cerebral Hemispehres by clicking HERE
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