Hit It

I don't know about you, but when I think about the Finnish music scene, I'm thinking about heavy metal and rock music galore...not warm and fuzzy funk coming from an 18 year old...this prejudice is about to get straightened out with this brand new release from Louie Blue called "Hit It". Behind Louie Blue you will find singer-songwriter Alec Moborg who also has a bit of Italian in him (maybe that's where the heat is coming from). The vibe on this one is an interesting mix of genres...although it's heavy on the funk, it has a few modern twists up its sleeve that make it sound very fresh, light and groovy. Deep bass tones bring out hints of house, new jack swing and disco and all of this turns out to be super contagious if you want to dance around (for the time being in your living room most likely). Either way...dance into the weekend with "Hit It" and enjoy! 

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