Desert Woman (Whipped Cream Remix)

It's finally Friday, so let's fact let's two things at the same time. First, the fact that I have one massively angry remix here for ZHU's "Desert Woman". The title is already a hint at what the second cause of celebration is, but unless you're living under a rock you already know that today is International Women's Day. Apart from having "Woman" in the title, the remix also happens to be produced by one, namely Whipped Cream...and holy sh@t did she get it right with this one. The level of energy in this remix is astounding and combined with the overall mystique that the original mix brought to the table, this tune manages to take things to the next level. I can't say that it's a tune ideal for easy listening, but if you're looking to throw fists in the air and go a bit mad on your way into the weekend, then this is definitely for you. Out now via Mind Of A Genius, you can stream this badass remix via most major channels. Enjoy!

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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