Mad Love

Time for some funky fresh vibes to celebrate that it's finally Friday. This one comes from just 21-year old Blu DeTiger called "Mad Love", which is the follow up to her debut single "In My Head". It's one heck of a groovy tune with lots of dance friendly beat, a bit of french disco highlights. The playful bass line and the repetitive uh uh uuuh uuuh uuuh uh makes you think that the track came straight out of an Apple commercials. That's not the case yet though, but who knows what happens in the future. What matters is that "Mad Love" will get stuck in your head because it's a mad infectious ear worm! The NYC based artist has released her single through HeavyRoc Music and it's out now, available via most major streaming platforms. Pick your poison below and enjoy! 

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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