Just before Christmas Dolo Jones dropped a new EP titled "4D EP". As the name suggests the EP contains four brand new tracks, including this one called "Animal". What all the new tracks have in common is that they were made and recorded live using nothing more than the Deluge by Synthstrom. But what is this Deluge thingy i hear you ask?! It's pretty much an all-in-one box, containing a synthesizer, sequencer and sampler, while looking no more spectacular than a launchpad with some knobs on it. It is however striking just how versatile this tool is and Dolo Jones shows that not only through his music, but also with four videos which add fun visuals and show how the tracks are performed on the Deluge.

"Animal" which you can listen to right here is proper oldschool UK house style track, with lots of juicy dance vibes and a contagious rhythm. Press play below and enjoy! 

Listen to the full EP HERE

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