Uppsala's very own Tobias Karlsson aka Tobtok returns with a proper instrumental house banger called "Overlap". Compared to his latest release which was "York" we are moving around in a completely different ball pit and more in line with his collab release with Adrian Lux called "As I Sleep" (if you pay close attention you will be able to pick up some minor similarities).

Press play and you are met with a contagious four-on-the-floor rhythm that just intensifies as you continue listening. The catchy melody and the tangy sounds used on this single are helping "Overlap" to gain a level of catchiness that leads to nothing but good vibes all around. Personally I thoroughly enjoy this new wave of house instrumentals that hit the interwebs these days, as tracks like these are perfectly capable of carrying themselves from start to finish. Vocals are nice no doubt, but sometimes it's just freaking awesome to be able to enjoy a piece of music in its purest form. "Overlap" is out now on Perfect Havoc and available via most major streaming platforms. Enjoy! 

Get/stream "Overlap" by clicking HERE

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