Cry Wolf

Let's kick off the week with some serious indie/electronica vibes. This one comes from NYC based Skylar Spence (aka Ryan DeRobertis) and is called "Cry Wolf". The mix between funky guitar, sentimental synths and a light disco style flair, this tune combines a mix of flavours that make it unique. I love the dry vocal which secures a nice balance against the instrumental, as well as the overall attention to detail in the arrangement, making "Cry Wolf" a really enjoyable track. Despite the light feel of the track, the theme of the song is however is treating a more serious issue, namely depression. An emotional release for Ryan DeRobertis, but one I think a lot of people will enjoy!

The single is part of a two-track project which also includes the single "Carousel". See the link below for the full pack. 

Get/stream Carousel/Cry Wolf by clicking HERE

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