Premiere: Cashæ feat. Toian - Need To Know (Tep No Edit)

#NewMusicFriday has never been more relevant than now with the release of Cashæ's new single "Need To Know" feat. Toian, in the Tep No Edit. Cashæ are Miami based duo Alex Abomb and Joseph Michael who have teamed up with the Jamaican songstress Toian for this amazingly hot tropical tune. Torontonian legend Tep No adds his magic touch by adding a layer of absolute bliss with his unique chillout sound. The combination of all these individual elements make for an excellent late summer jam with all the right triggers. According to Cashæ, the song is about the difficult time of a relationship where no one knows what will happen next, emotions are being triggered and the situation becomes intransparent. Therefore the theme of the song encourages to live the moment, stay positive and keeping things fun, while still keeping good communication with the significant other...and even if you're not in that situation you'll have an excellent earworm for the weeks to come :) Enjoy!  

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