Where Neon Goes To Die

Steven A. Clark is back following up with a second single off of his his highly anticipated, recently released album ‘Where Neon Goes to Die’ that dropped on September 7th. The album is executively produced by the legendary German electronic music producer and DJ, Boys Noize. Boys Noize steps into the pop-production world for the first time on this album, venturing away from his techno roots in style; taking that warm analog sound we all love to work with Steven A. Clark to create this masterfully crafted album. The production on This single ‘On and On’ is an 80’s pop/R&B inspired nostalgic tune drawing similarities to the likes of Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel and could be the theme song to Disney’s next blockbuster film.

While we're on the topic of Steven A. Clark and his new album of “Where Neon Goes to Die”, ‘Found’ is another tune off the album worth taking a look at. "Found" is track five on the album that dropped on September 7th, executively produced by the techno legend and maestro Boys Noize. ‘Found’ is one of the more up-tempo songs on the album featuring a four on the floor kick pattern, funky rhythm guitars, and inspiring chord progressions and of course Steven spreading his beloved vocal-sauce all over. A perfect halfway point to the album, strategically using the danceability and energy of the track to keep the listener engaged for the rest of the album.

We could not properly review Steven A. Clarks new album “Where Neon Goes to Die” without emphasizing how beautiful ‘War’ is. Definitely the most intimate track on the album, a stripped down ballad, with minimal instrumental backing aside from a warm synth-key chord progression and a few melodies in the background. Stevens vocals layered with a vocoder take center stage, delivering an especially emotional performance from Steven reflecting on a past lover.

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