Friday, July 29, 2016

Up All Night

LA has proven to be quite nest for upcoming producers and particularly the electronic scene has a strong foothold there. Matt DiMona is one of those producers who popped up a few years ago and ever since he has amazed me with his unique sound and his relaxing vibes. He now returns with a brand new 5-track EP called "Up All Night". The track I've picked out from the EP is called "Next 2 U" feat. Kiki Halliday. It perfectly captures what it is I like about Matt's so-called "feel-good house music". A chillout instrumental, a soothing vocal and vibes to give you goosebumps (in the best possible way though) is how I would describe it, but my description doesn't make it justice. 

From Matt DiMona's perspective, this EP has been a 6 month journey. There's a complete story buried within the 5 tracks, about his experience being in LA. Dive in to the story by pressing play and grab your own personal copy via the link below. Enjoy :)

Stream the full "Up All Night" EP via SOUNDCLOUD
Download "Up All Night" HERE

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Back in my own neck of the woods (or close by), Helsinki based producer Thrill Mode has created this deep house style version of Galantis' "No Money". Having changed the pitch on the vocal to the deeper side and giving "No Money" a catchy bass line has really paid off, making this track sound all new and fresh again. Slowing down the pace has also helped boosting the vibe of this track, but you need to give it a listen yourself, to really fully appreciate it :)

Download HERE
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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Today's first tune comes from just 19 year old LA based songwriter and producer CADE. The track "Escape" comes from his newly released 3-track Care EP and it's a perfectly chill and down to earth piece of electronica, with on point hints of trap. The melody is kept relatively simple, but I think that's what makes "Escape" stand out. It's also quite a catchy tune, also thanks to the dope vocal performance. Give it a spin yourself and stream/grab a copy via the link below. 

Get/Stream "Care EP" by CADE by clicking HERE
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Staying in LA, Two Friends return with a brand new remix for MAX's "Lights Down Low". Comparing the original version, with the version by Two Friends would make absolutely no sense, as they are both so radically different. The duo have worked their house-music-magic and turned "Lights Down Low" into a proper club anthem. I particularly like the bass line and that fine firecracker snare on the buildups. Combine that with their characteristic high energy sound profile, you've got yourself a mid-week party starter. Get/Stream "Lights Down Low" (Two Friends Remix) via the link below.

Get/Stream "Lights Down Low" (Two Friends Remix) by MAX by clicking HERE
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Running After

US house producer Amtrac returns with a brand new single from his forthcoming EP called "Running After // No Order". The track you'll find below is "Running After" and it stands out with its deep vibes and melodic tones. It's a track that works great in the club, but also as is. The blend between Amtrac's characteristic instrumental sound and the vocal sample is perfectly on point and gives "Running After" some nice dynamics and a versatile sound. The full EP will be released on August 5th, but you can stream "Running After" already now or pick up a copy via Juno.

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Another new EP I want to mention today was made by Attlas and it's called Bloom EP. The Mau5trap signed producer captured my attention when everyone was thinking Attlas was a side project by Deadmau5. Turns out it wasn't. His new EP features a total of 5 tracks and one of them you can find below, which is called "Ryat". It's a crisp sounding melodic electro instrumental, with a lush and playful vibe. Bloom EP is a very diverse EP though and there is something for everyone to be found. Check out the link below to stream the full EP.

Get/Stream "Bloom EP" by Attlas by clicking HERE
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Today's first track comes from NYC based producer Austin Millz called "Limelite" feat. Anishka. With a serious late night house vibe, this track provides the listener with a smooth and soulful vibe, backed up with an amazing vocal performance. According to Austin Millz, "Limelite" is supposed to be a tribute to oldschool house music and culture of the 80s, while still sounding fresh. That I think he has managed to capture spot on. You can get your own piece of these sweet vibes by picking up a copy via Itunes or stream via Spotify, as it's out now via High End Times. Enjoy :)

Get/Stream "Limelite" by Austin Millz feat. Anishka on ITUNES / SPOTIFY
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Up next is a track by Milwaukee based Thane feat. Marxus & Jamie Breiwick called "Summer In Paris". With a freakin' brilliant instrumental, it manages to be both simple, but super effective at the same time. The vibes on this track are seriously chill and that bit of jazz sax provides the cherry on top. The smooth vocal completes the package and makes this a track I can easily listen to over and over again. "Summer In Paris" is part of an EP called Gravity, containing 2 more tracks. You can check out all of it via Bandcamp, as it's out now.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Coast

Let's start out a new week, with a bit of hip hop electronica. You might not have heard of Coolwater Set, but if I tell you that it's Far East Movement and Oslo based Autolaser it should already get you super excited. For this single called "The Coast" they've teamed up with none other than RAC and also featuring Jvzel on vocal. With a beautiful and classy sounding west coast hip hop vibe, they manage to combine what I appreciate about 90s hip hop and more modern hip hop styles, in the most ideal way possible. It's really one of those tracks that makes you want to get in a car late at night and cruise, watching city lights and chill. To me, it also sounds like it should be in a movie, as it's very theatrical.

With a track like this, hopefully we'll be hearing much more from Coolwater Set in the future. "The Coast" is out now and available as a free download via the link below. 

Download HERE
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If you came to the blog to find a proper house tune, fear not, I got you covered. Italian producer USAI has crafted this single called "Rhumba" and to me this is one of the best core instrumental house tunes I have heard all year. That's a bold statement, I know, but there's something about this track that makes it sound absolutely legendary. Although rumba is a dance from Cuba, I would not be surprised to hear this tune play at the Rio Olympics. With latin cues this awesome and a perfect summer release timing, you just have to play this tune everywhere you can. "Rhumba" is out now and available via Beatport (see link below).

Get "Rhumba" by USAI via BEATPORT
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