Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today's one and only track is called "Natural" by The Code in the Memeb remix. This is a dope! The overall vibe is chill, but with some off keys it has a crazy good edge to it. If you're familiar with the original track, then you'll surely be amazed about Memeb's version! Check it out and don't forget to pick up a free copy right here below:

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cat Rider

"Cat Rider" is a track by Little Dragon and it has been remixed by the kings of daytime disco: Poolside. This track is electronic ambient chill out music extravaganza! The guitar play, the soft beat and the vocal are in total harmony and is a nice reminder of summer past. Get your own free copy right here below:

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Up next is a track called "Break On Through" by none other than The Doors. Whether The Doors ever envisioned their track becoming a bass filled and omphworthy track is questionable, but CompleteJ & Poe Junior remix have done it anyway and here is the result. The remix is available as a free download via Artist Intelligence (link below):

Download HERE

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Monday, September 29, 2014


Today's first track is called "Gooey" by Glass Animals in the Klaves Bootleg. This piece of electronica is smooth as soft butter. Klaves has kept it true to the original, yet it's now more upbeat and makes your head want to nod back and forth. This sweet track was digged up by Annie Mac from BBC and as usual it's available as a free download.

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If that was just too "Gooey" for you (yes...bad pun intended!!!) then here is your progressive house alternative. Swedish DJ and producer Wahlstedt has remixed Arno Cost & Norman Doray's track "Strong". If the original sounded too much like the soundtrack of an old arcade gaming machine, then fear not..."Strong" is now stronger than ever ;-) Grab a free download on Facebook (link below):

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gary Lazer-Eyes

Only a few days after the release of "All Of Me", U.S. producer Stonewall Klaxon is ready with another fresh release called "Gary Lazer-Eyes". The track is probably to be classified as chillstep, but it combines elements from many other electronic music genres as well. Just like "All Of Me" this track is very dynamic and alive making you spot different sounds at every playback. An official release date is TBA (just like "All Of Me"), but hit up Stonewall Klaxon on Soundcloud if you're interested in a copy anyway :)

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Up next is a beatstrumental, by the king of beatstrumental Handbook. His newest release is called "Babe We Goin' Round". It's a very atmospheric track with a very characteristic vibe that you will only find on Handbook's releases. The sampling management is again spot on and gives the listener something to be intrigued about. "Babe We Goin' Round" is available as a free download right here below:

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Payin' Bills

Today's first track is called "Payin' Bills" by Budakid. This awesome deep house track is part of a free compilation by Nachtdieren with 8 other tracks. The track "Payin' Bills" uses smooth synths for a very atmospheric vibe. Among the vocal samples you'll hear Cassie's "Me and You" (see if you can spot it?!) :)

Please note that the SC clip is only 2:04, while the full track is available on the compilation over at Bandcamp (link below)

Check out the full Nachtdieren Compilation on BANDCAMP (free download)

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Up next is a track by Dunkan Disco called "Reason". This is a sweet and happy sounding disco track with an ambient chillout vibe that you will want on a weekend! Kick back, put your favorite headphones on and chiiiiiiiiil! Ahhhh :D Get your free download right here below:

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Last, but not least...HE IS BACK!!!! After The Fat Rat got a remix featured in an ad campaign by Coca Cola it has been quite silent with new releases by the rodent creature. This track is called "Unity" and it's in a similar style to his previous releases, but with a more modest rough bass sound and a happy melody. The track is available for free via Facebook, so hit it up via the link below:

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