Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Smiling Faces

Today's first track is called "Smiling Faces" by Van Sciver & Bijan Malaklou. This is an awesome progressive style track, with lots of omph, a catchy melody and a great vibe. With "Smiling Faces" Van Sciver & Bijan Malaklou support The Songwriting Charity and by following the organisation via social media, this awesome track can be yours for free (link below).

Download "Smiling Faces" via HERE

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Up next is a remix of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" by Matt DiMona. You will immediately notice the Katy's deeply pitched voice, but for a tropical chillhouse track it works remarkably well. The track smells and sounds like summer! Wear some sunglasses for this one and download this remix for free via Facebook (link below):

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If This World Were Mine

Today's first track oozes of quality! It's a remix by Chris Madem of Marvin Gaye's "If This World Were Mine". The interplay between the new composition and Marvin Gaye's voice is excellent, bringing a song from the 60's into present time! You can pick up a free download via Facebook (find the link below). Hit play and enjoy :)

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Up next is a track by Mark Tarmonea called "When Doves Cry" in the TRMN Remix. TRMN stands for Tarmonea, so it's almost like inception. This is primarily a deep house track, but with a slight tropical vibe. Compared to the original mix, the remix has a more clubby feeling, but it is still an easy listening piece. Grab a free download via Facebook (link below):

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Today's one and only is called "Actors" by Still Parade, remixed by German producer Dinnerdate. From the moment you hit the play button you will understand why this is brilliant. It's soft, mellow and all chillout. Kick back, relax and hit play! When you're done, come back here and find the link to Dinnerdate's Facebook page for a free download! Enjoy :)

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some Chords

Today's first track is called "Take U There" in the (ANTS "Set Me Free" Bootleg). This is a mashup style mix combining Jack Ü & Kiesza's track "Take Ü There" and Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix's upcoming release "Set Me Free" and put together by Ants. It works like a charm and you can pick up a free download right here below:

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Speaking of unreleased work by Dillon Francis, here is his contribution to the upcoming Deadmau5 release "5 Years of Mau5". It's a tough nut to remix "Some Chords" as it is one of Deadmau5 most famous tracks. So much could have gone wrong, but Dillon Francis manages to keep the original vibe, yet add his own brilliancy to the track with a catchy melody and a drop that kicks your behind! Give it a listen below and stay tuned for the release of "5 Years of Mau5" on November 25th.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Today's first track is called "Imperium" by the king of launchpads: Madeon. According to himself: "This song is quite different from everything else I've been doing, I hope you like it !". Although this statement sounds intriguing and exiting, you can still hear who produced the track. The characteristic beat making, the samples, the tempo...there are many things that make a Madeon track, but if you are familiar with his style "Imperium" won't be an alien to you. The track itself is more aggressive than what Madeon has released earlier, but it is still epicsauce! You can download "Imperium" for free via and solve a little puzzle (hint: repeat the sequence)

Download HERE
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Up next is the 11th instalment of Soulection's White Label with music by Pyrmdplaza. The music is chill and delicious. The EP features 4 tracks and is available for free. It's your weekend no-brainer! Pick it up via the link below:

Download HERE

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