Friday, June 22, 2018


The Chicago based DJ and producer with the name that sounds like a box of crackers, Whethan, is back with a brand new single called "Superlove" feat. Oh Wonder. When I listened to this tune the first time I was taken away by the interesting intro and the subtle energy builtup, which culminates into a melodic and catchy chorus that instantly makes you want to hit the replay button...even before the song is over. While this isn't a song that seems appropriate in a club, it's a contagious radio hit with instant earworm appeal and a vocal line that transmits good vibes and positive energy. Out now via Big Beat Records, you can pick this one up via most major platforms. See link below for more...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


A bit of house, some UK garage and a sprinkle of eurodance is what comes together in this amazing new collab between German DJ and producer Jetique and Canadian act Dirty Radio. I love Jetique, I love Dirty Radio...did I anticipate a collab...probably not?! However the surprise makes the reward in form of "Rule" even more special and exciting. What they have created here is a wonderfully contagious dance tune, with retro appeal and bursting with good vibes. Listen a few times and you'll start to hum along like you know this song from back in the day...except you just discovered the tune today. Press play right here or hit the link below for all available streaming options: 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Ufff...It's still early in the week, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shimming through ever so slightly and with some feel good tunes, the long route towards the weekend is definitely going to feel shorter. Fortunately I got the tune to fit the bill and it comes from Mr Good Vibes himself - Pat Lok - 

His latest track is called "WYG (4ME)", or spelled out "What You Got (For Me)" and it's a crisp hybrid between uk garage/house and flaming hot disco funk. The groove on this baby is contagious beyond your wildest dreams and combined with a vocal line as smooth as liquid butter from Jones, the entire package will enable, YOU, the listener, to smile, dance and head da club, in da supermarket or at da doesn't matter! Just press play! 

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Got Habits

Melbourne based brotherly duo Two Can are back with a brand new single called "Got Habits" and it's the perfect tune to kick start the new week to. The track shows off a bit of a new side for the two, but the sound is fat, well produced and perfectly balances emotional vibes with bouncy and trap inspired energy. In the wake of some pretty serious remixes, getting this original from them is a nice development showing off their ability to push their own project and sound forward. Out now via Warner Music, you can get your stream on via most major platforms. Press play here or check the link below: 

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kevin's Heart (Louis Futon Cover)

Meh...the weekend is almost over. So sadness, much disappoint :( Fortunately I got something for you to get the positive vibes flowing. Check out Louis Futon's crisp cover of Kevin's Heart. Scrapping J Cole's vocal and teaming up with Bellah, Bxrber & Armani White was well worth it and all in all this dope cover is so much fresher than the original. The bouncy flow, the fresh hip hip electronic vibe and the kick ass vocal performances are freakin phenomenal and just goes to show the talent of the person who orchestrated this piece...namely Louis Futon! Press play below and enjoy! 

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Remind Me To Forget (Young Bombs Remix)

The remix experts from Canada are back! Are you excited, eh? You should be because their latest is on fire. This time Young Bombs transformed Kygo & Miguel's "Remind Me To Forget". The duo has done right by maintaining the characteristic main vibe of the original and focussing on adding their own unique sound primarily on the chorus. The verses are enhanced to work well with the added upbeat pace, giving this remix a light club feel, despite still being a sweet radio friendly tune overall. Catch the stream right here or check out the link below for alternative platforms. Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Believer (Jenaux Remix)

Cyn's single "Believer" gets a deep disco overhaul by NYC based producer Jenaux. The original vibe has been kept intact, however the grittier electronica vibe is such a good match for this tune, you kind of wish the original sounded like this from the beginning. The sweet bass notes that thunder through the instrumental add depth and warmth to the tune and acts as a perfect contrast to the amazing vocal track by CYN. Out now via Unsub Records, you can listen to Jenaux's cool remix right here, or check the link below for Spotify. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Need Ya

Upcoming producer talent Pluko returns with a brand new EP, dropping a total of two new singles on Foreign Family Collective. One of the singles is this one here called "Need Ya" feat. the amazing Nevve. I love how the instrumental isn't overproduced and allows to let that vocal shine which it deserves. There's a fine balance between the calm and the energetic which works a treat. The deep hip hop style beat, combined with dreamy/spacey synths help to achieve that, making "Need Ya" an absolut joy to listen to. The other single in this pack is called "pink." and is a full blown instrumental, however sticking with the same kind of vibe. 

Out now via a streaming platform near you, listen 'till your ears fall off by hitting the link below. Enjoy!

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Still Alive

It's Friday, so it's time to party. Good thing I got you covered with a cracking new piece of music. Mastrovita & Barkley have dropped a brand new single on Armada Deep called "Still Alive". Both producers are some of the most exciting new acts to hit the dance scene and they continue to show off their masterly production skills and ability to set the a proper vibe. "Still Alive" thunders along with a cracking beat, an insanely catchy melody and party vibes that will have you head bobbing from now until the weekend is over. So there are no excuses for you to have a boring weekend when all it takes is a simple click on the play button. Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Chicago based trio have teamed up with French Horn Rebellion and the result is this cool new single called "Gravity". The song perfectly blends the style of both acts into one, delivering a fresh sounding easy listening dance tune. With both Autograf and FHR at the steering wheel, I would be damn disappointed if this track didn't turn out super groovy. Thankfully it is though and I find myself head bobbing to the vibes from second one. With some absurdly catchy synths, this tune requires a couple of instant replays, so make sure to get settled in real proper and enjoy this tune with a nice pair of headphones or speakers. Press play below:

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Don't Say

Vancouver based producer Hoang teams up with the talented Nevve for his new single "Don't Say", bringing summer vibes to the table. The young producer flew down to LA to work with Nevve on this one and the result speaks for itself. Happy melodies, blissful vocal and dreamy vibes. If that doesn't get you in a good mood I don't know what will. Hoang hasn't released a ton on music yet, but if he keeps at it like this, I am excited to hear what's to come from the young Canadian in the future. Dive right into his latest piece "Don't Say" right here and enjoy!

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