Thursday, July 20, 2017


One day until it's Friday!!! To get you across that hurdle, here's a bliss tune from snctm called "Day". It's been a while since I've had the chance to post a really awesome instrumental, so now I am even more happy to share this with you, because it will knock your socks off! I won't say much about this track...just take a listen and you will understand! "Day" is out now as a free download via the artist collective Sanguine. 

Download HERE
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Young Bombs are back!!! After a little break from releasing new music, the Vancouver based duo returns with an official remix for Bastille's "Glory". By adding a pleasant lead pluck synth for the verses they give the track an unbeatable summer vibe, with an uplifting and positive sounding feel. Compared to the original version, "Glory" now feels lighter and catchier than ever and still adds enough energy on the chorus/drop to make it work in the clubs or at festivals. Give it a spin below or catch the stream via most major platforms. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 17, 2017


iSpy...with my little eye...this dope new remix by L.A. based wonder duo Two Friends, for Kyle feat. Lil Yachty's hit single "iSpy". The remix pulls out the west coast feel good vibes to the max and it does so by charming the original track up with much more melodic focus. I personally like how they've kept the downtempo tempo on the track, adding some contrast to their existing portfolio and I don't doubt that this will quickly turn into a new fan favourite for the Two Friends crew. 

Stream here or grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm Ok

Connecticut based producer Woodersun is responsible for this smashing remix for Manila Killa & AOBeats "I'm OK" feat. Shaylen. While maintaining the overall theme of the original mix, Woodersun has focussed on turning things more upbeat. This becomes particularly evident during the drop, where the melody has also gotten extra catchy thanks to a superb vocal chop driven sound design.

"I'm OK" already planted itself as an earworm when it got released approximately 2 months ago, now you get to re-discover it again...but in a different way. 

Woodersun has submitted his remix to the remix competition for "I'm OK" and currently sits at a measly 77th place. Support his version by clicking HERE.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Treat You

News from the master of bedroom bass! NYC based Sean Turk pounces out this remix for Theia's "Treat You" and it damn sure threat's the listener right. The remix isn't quite as bright sounding as some of Sean's earlier releases, but the darker notes make for a more intimate vibe, which really suits the Theia's vocal well. One caveat of this's easy to forget everything that's going on around you for a moment. With that said...make sure to press play to get soaked into the dreamy bedroom bass vibes. Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First Time With You

Glad that KOLAJ are back with new music! Their latest single called "First Time With You" captures their melodic dance sound perfectly, focusing on Teesa Houston's sweet, yet powerful vocal during the verses, but adding sweet energy for the chorus. The contrasting vibe makes for a fantastic listening experience and allows the melody to settle as a proper earworm after just a single play. "First Time With You" is out now via Darkroom/Geffen Records and available via most major platforms. 

Get/Stream "First Time With You" by clicking HERE
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Monday, July 10, 2017

South Of The River

One of my all time favourite artists, Tom Misch, is back with a brand new single called "South Of The River". While still working on his new album, he's found time to bring out this gem. On this one, Tom incorporates his characteristic sound design, with a bit of discoliciousness. The dope violin parts are played by partner in crime Tobie Tripp and the keys solo is knocked out of the ball park by Rob Araujo...Good things happen when you work with friends and Tom Misch appears to live by that to the fullest. Give his new single a spin below or catch the stream via your preferable music service. 

Get/stream "South Of The River" by clicking HERE
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Better Places

Ladies and's finally here! Pierce Fulton has released his debut album and it's everything and more than you could ever expect it to be!

If you're a frequent reader or Hype Machine follower, you've had the pleasure to listen to the first singles like "Home in August", "Listen To Your Mama" and "Life In Letters". Now all 9 tracks are available, incl. the one below called "1 800 Succeed". Along with the singles mentioned above, this future bass/trap style instrumental is one of my favourites from the album. The track has a magnificent flow, crisp sound design and a killer catchy melody. It's also a piece which I am slightly surprised to find on the album, but I am very happy it's there, underlining Pierce's ability to write different types of music. 

The album, which is called "Better Places", is out now, released completely independently and available via most major platforms. Look out for a possible vinyl release of the album later in the year. 

Get/Stream "Better Places" by clicking HERE
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Friday, July 7, 2017

The Future

Is San Holo's new single the future? least the title claims to be and in my opinion he's also on a pretty good way securing himself a solid position in scene. "The Future" is so to say the follow up to his mega hit "Light", but with this new release he is taking things in a more pop oriented direction. This is partly due to the vocal performance by James Vincent McMorrow and the beautiful and radio friendly sounding guitar melody during the chorus. Overall the instrumental manages to capture San Holo's unique sound, but in a more subtle and easy listening friendly way, making it a perfect tune to play out loud during the weekend. Give it a spin below or catch the stream via your favourite platform (see link below):

Get/Stream "The Future" by clicking HERE
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Thursday, July 6, 2017


News coming from London...JackLNDN to be specific. His new single "Higher" is a little more pop inspired than his usual, but the smoothness is still the same and that is awesome! The vocal performance by Millie Go Lighly is partly to blame for that also, making sure the flow of the track is clean as a whistle. "Higher" is out now via Ultra and thus available via most major platforms. Check the link below:

Get/Stream "Higher" by clicking HERE
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Miss You

Phil Good is back and he keeps living up to his name! The new single called "I Miss You" perfectly captures his signature sound, a mix of indie, pop and electronica. Easy listening vibes are on level 5000, thanks to a superb melody and vocal performance to match. Phil Good has had quite a year so far and I am pretty confident we'll be hearing a lot more to him in the near future. With "I Miss You", be prepared to get your earworm on!

Press play and Phil Good (pun intended).

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