Saturday, February 25, 2017

Man In The Moon

Munich based producer Leon Weber aka LCAW has released a new ear worm called "Man In The Moon" feat. Dagny. Combining electro pop and indie with an on point vocal, he has created a pure feel good tune. The energy on this single also hits an ideal sweet spot where it's both great for clubs and radio. The pluck style synth/vocal effect during the chorus helps in making this an unforgettable release, with a melody that will inevitable get stuck in your head. Hit the play button below and find out for yourself. 

Get/Stream "Man In The Moon" by clicking HERE

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Friday, February 24, 2017


SOFI TUKKER are back with a new single called "Greed". I always love it when SOFI TUKKER release an upbeat track and that is exactly what "Greed" is. In fact, it might be there most upbeat track to date. While still incorporating their unique sound, the vibe on this track reminds me of The Ting Tings. Maybe it's due to the somewhat playful melody or the shouting vocal elements, but it's all to the benefit of the listener.  With the release, the Grammy nominated duo push their boundaries and share a little bit of punk'ish vibes to keep it fresh. 

Give "Greed" a spin below or find it on your favourite music platform. Enjoy!

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Informal Disco

U.S. based producer Amtrac has revealed another track from his  EP 1987. Unlike the first single release "Piano Boy", this new one called "Informal Disco" goes all in on the deep house vibe. It still has that unmistaken Amtrac sound, but it's heavier and more intense. The bass driven melody sounds rather melancholic in my opinion, but that also creates some fine contrast on the EP overall...and then there's that excellent beat, which you just have to take a moment to really fully appreciate.

The full EP 1987 is out today and you can stream the entire deal via the link below.

Get/Stream 1987 EP by clicking HERE
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lights Out

Ken Loi & Vanto's track "Lights Out" is one that slipped under my radar when it was released last year, however I can now redeem myself by sharing Ken Loi's VIP mix and truth be told, I think it's even better than the original. The wobble gives the instrumental an entirely new dynamic and the increased pace and tempo, gives "Lights Out" a very different energy. Just as in the original mix, LUX's vocal sounds deLUX (pun intended) and even with the light vocal chop during the drop, the sound is still interesting and fresh. 

Until Friday (tomorrow), the VIP mix is available as a free download. So be quick and hit the download button below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Echo (Let Go)

You know his music, but maybe you're still clueless about his identity. However, since the release of the the first pics in January we know that Sean Turk isn't a unicorn or magical hamster or whatever. Nope, he's a bloke from NYC and he makes some seriously tasty tunes. His latest work is this remix for Breathe Carolina x IZII's "Echo (Let Go)", where he's adding his characteristic bedroom bass vibe, along with some classy indie and trap elements. The end result is everything Sean Turk stands for. It's a remix that perfectly captures his winning formula and unique sound design.

Give his remix for "Echo (Let Go)" a spin here or check out the link below for alternative streams.

Get/Stream "Echo (Let Go)" (Sean Turk Remix) HERE
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