Saturday, January 24, 2015

Time Travel

Today's first track is called "Time Travel" by producer Blac Waldo. The retro vibe on this one is heavy and that is also what makes it so awesome. The bassline is crisp and delicious as a potato chip! For those who have been missing that early 90's vibe in recent house music, fear not...this one got you covered. "Time Travel" is available as a free download, so go grab your own personal copy below:

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Up next is a mad future house track called "Sellout" by N.Y. based trio TKDJS. The heavy bass, combined with the chopped up hip hop vocals are working well together and it surely packs a punch that will make you nod your head back and forth in celebration! "Sellout" is out for free, download it right here below (go to Soundcloud for download):

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Friday, January 23, 2015

It's time to ketchup

It's time to catch up on some tunes that were released last week, but weren't posted due to MYWLT running in holiday mode. Now everything is back at normal. The tunes the weekend will be a rundown featuring the best tunes of last week, so you can get the best tunes of next week :)

Here we go:

The first track is called "Behind Your Eyes"and is a debut deep house release by MILK Parade. MILK Parade is Walker (from MyKill & Walker). Speaking of MyKill & Walker, the duo just released their latest track called "A Golden Light". With a classy tropical style melody and a nice upbeat vibe this track is a perfect track to enjoy anytime. Both tracks are available for free :)

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Up next is a track by U.S. based trio called LANY with "Bad, Bad, Bad". "Bad, Bad Bad" sounds likes an inappropriate title, because actually it's "Catchy, Catchy, Catchy". The radio friendliness of this track is insane (so you'll probably hear it on the ol' FM band every now and then). If now where to find it :-) Stream it all you want right here below or buy your own personal copy via Itunes (link below):

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


With his live version of his massive hit "Kuaga", Pierce Fulton knows how to put together a pleasant surprise. Too often electronic music artists are critiqued for not playing live or not having the capability to do so. This is an awesome piece and hopefully we will see more "live" versions from Pierce Fulton in future! Download "Kuaga" live version for free right here below:

UPDATE: Here is the video to "Kuaga" (Live Version). 

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Up next is a tropical house track "cover" by J-Art & Madan feat. Lyon Hart called "The Sound of Silence". Taking an old Simon & Garfunkel classic and making it tropical is a brilliant idea, as you'll hear once you hit play. Get some free summer vibes with this track and grab your own personal copy via Facebook (link below):

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


MYWLT top favourite Tom Misch is at it again with a new remix! This time he has remixed a modern classic: "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. With his formidable beats and guitar play, Mr. Misch is doing what he does best. If you have abstinences from waiting on Beat Tape 2...get your fix here and grab that free download!

Download HERE 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Small Things

Today's one and only is called "Small Things" by Ben Howard in the Yaaman Remix. The Ukrainian DJ and producer is again sharing some of his great work with his audience and this subtle deep house track is perfect for any occasion. Chillax and grab a free download after the break! :)

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