Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Norwegian producer Sonny Alven is out with a new remix of "1998" by Chet Faker. This is a piece of deep melodic house and it's on point. The synth chords is what makes this track so wunderbar to listen to and the new instrumental feels right at home with Chet Faker's vocal and the lyrics of "1998". Sonny Alven is giving this one away for free and you can pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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Up next is the track "Brown Sugar" by D'angelo in the Taipa remix. This remix is so smooth, it should be called "Brown Sugar" feat. Melted Butter. Taipa has really found a great balance mixing the soul vibe of the original track with funky, chill and understated clubby elements. This makes this remix ideal in a lounge setting or just on your iPod as it's available as a free download. Hit play and enjoy :)

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Monday, October 12, 2015


Two Friends are in charge of providing you with a good and fresh Monday tune and so here is their remix of "Roses" by The Chainsmokers. For this they have upped the pace, added some lush guitar on the verses and some fantastic punchy piano on the chorus, as only Two Friends do it. They've managed to turn "Roses" into a happy sounding track, making it sound quite different compared to the majority of "Roses" remixes out there. Two Friends are giving this one away for free, so don't hold back. Pick up a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Shoffy is back with a new single called "Ride". The track is a great blend of trap, indie, hip hop and pop, with a hint of Louis The Child in terms of sound style. That's the result of having Italian producer Theodor being part of the track and what a great combo it is! With every release Shoffy is leaping forward in terms of sound. This track is so good, the only negative thing about it is its short length. Give it a proper listen yourself and make sure to pick up a free download below:

Download HERE
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Off The Ground

"Off The Ground" is the title of a new single by Bit Funk feat. Shae Jacobs and it's great mix of Bit Funk existing sound and a more pop oriented sound. However, even with a more 'commercial' sound, the punch line for this track (that lovely bass) is to die for. As for the vocal, it does provide the story line for the track, but I think the track could also have been quite enjoyable just as an instrumental. What do you think? Give it a listen below and make sure to pick up a copy via Beatport (link below):

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Up next is a track called "All Right" by Atlanta based producer Niko the Kid. This track is indeed much more than just "All Right". It's a fantastic oldschool house tune, but spiced up with a serious bass drop. The intro in that sense is a bit misleading as you sort of expect a very classic house track, but it's a remarkable example of style mixing and it just sounds great. Niko the Ki(n)d is giving this one away for free. Hit the link below for a free download:

Download HERE
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Friday, October 9, 2015


It's Friday and you need some new music...well fear not...here's just what you need!

The first track is called "Trippin'" by Dirty Secretz feat. Rebe and is a classy deep house track with some fantastic bass and a really dope beat. The lyrics might sound familiar, as it might be one of the most covered songs in house music history, but it still works wonders every time. Check it out below and get yourself a copy via Traxsource.

Get "Trippin'" by Dirty Secretz feat. Rebe on TRAXSOURCE
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With the next track, I promise it will be the last, when it comes to remixes of "Where Are U Now", but this one is so good, it has to be mentioned! Ghosts have taken Ember Island's cover version of the track and created the most peaceful chill version of this track. This version finely balances an electronic and organic sound, making the track very easy on the ears and very relaxing. By doing so they have created on the best versions out there and it's even available as a free download. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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