Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Overdose (remixes)

One of my favourite Two Friends releases to date was their single "Overdose", which they did together with Exit Friendzone. Now they have released the official remix pack for the single and the diversity you can discover here as a listener is absolutely amazing. One remix that stood out to me in particular is this one by Phoenix based Jameston Thieves. His raw and dirty sounding glitch/bass remix somehow manages to be absolute filth, but at the same time very enjoyable and fun sounding. Cue the pyrotechnics and smoke machine and fire this out the speaker like...loud...just loud :)

Below I've added the link for the entire remix pack, which also includes versions by CRWNS, Jinco and Sokko. Enjoy!

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Another remix of "Overdose", however not part of the official remix package, also needs your attention. This deep house version by UK based TRU Concept, brings in an atmospheric flavour. By adding reverb to the vocal and turning down the energy for the instrumental, the Birmingham based duo has created a solid feel good/chillout house vibe. This gives Natalola's vocal performance the chance to shine in a different way. Unlike the remix above, this version feels more like a late night mix...something you can enjoy post-club session. Give it a spin below:

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Time Is Up

If you're into feel good house music, the name Luca Schreiner should be on your radar. With a number of official remix releases and his dope debut single "Missing", the Stuttgart based producer has already proven he can make a quality track. He wrapped up 2016 with his second single called "Time Is Up" feat. Mick Fouse. His characteristic deep house meets tropical house vibe, combined with a crisp vocal performance instantly sets the stage and it doesn't take more than a few seconds to get lost to the rhythm. That being said, I hope we'll be hearing much more to Luca Schreiner in 2017.

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Let's stay in Germany and have a listen to a remix by inHarmony for Alexx Mack's "Whatever I Want". With a light disco and funk vibe, the just 18 year old producer has created a proper earworm, taking full advantage of that dope vocal from the original release. His remix is taking part in the official remix competition over on Wavo, so if you feel like it you can support the young producer by giving him your vote. For that, check out the link below:

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

City Lights

Amsterdam based producer Sambrosa is responsible for this dope release called "City Lights". The single packs a nice emotional sounding melody, a cool vocal and a pleasant, yet still energy filled drop. The bouncy vibe that gets introduces with it, creates some interesting dynamics, while vocal chop is used for effect, rather than dominating the entire stage. This makes the track very balanced, perfect for the club and for easy listening. Sambrosa is giving "City Lights" away as a free download, so feel free to grab your own personal copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Exclusive Premiere: JNNA - Since U Been Gone

What a pleasure this is to introduce something soothing and beautiful for this Friday post. LA based singer/songwriter JNNA has released a cover for Kelly Clarkson's world famous hit "Since U Been Gone". Originally the legendary Max Martin and Dr. Luke produced wrote and produced this song as a proper power ballad, however there's not much left of that spirit on this version of the song. This in my mind also makes it stand out and gives the song new life and to be honest, I actually prefer it this way. With the help of Tyzo Bloom, whom she also worked with on his track "Closer To You", they've found an absolute sweet spot.

Alongside the track, they've made a music video, which you can check out below:

About the project, JNNA said: 

"It's so awesome that I had the opportunity to use a song I've loved since I was a little girl and make it into something of my own. While working on the cover, Casey (Tyzo Bloom) and I knew that we wanted to change it from a girl power pop track into more of a melancholic breakup song. As for the video, this was my first experience filming a music video and I'm so lucky to have friends that we're willing to help me actualize it."

Without further ado, here is JNNA's cover of "Since U Been Gone".

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Barbara Ann

Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba Babara Ann...yeah, you should know this classic hit by the Beach Boys, but I bet you haven't yet heard this cool cover version by Denver based Okoren feat. Stephen Henderson. Updating the track by giving it an easy going pop/electro/tropical vibe, turned out to be a freakin' good idea. Even though vocal chop is present (which I have started to think of in a negative way), the rest of the track still manages to give me the chills. Apart from the lyrics, there's not a lot left of the original Beach Boys vibe and that's actually a good thing. It gives the track its own profile and makes it stand out. Give it a spin below. Enjoy!

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