Friday, April 20, 2018


New Music Friday deserves something special, so I've been digging and found this beautiful piece from South Carolina based producer Okaywill. I honestly don't know much about the artist. His Soundcloud profile currently features mere 3 songs (at the time of writing), including this one called "Pretend" - a hybrid between indie and electronica with a dash of dance flavours. The upbeat vibe invites the listener to some casual head bobbing and I could see this work well in a club too thanks to that fat bass line. So get ready to explore something truly new and enjoy that it is finally Friday :)

"Pretend" is out now and available for streaming right here or as a free download (see link below). 

Free download HERE

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Better Not

These guys don't need an introduction anymore...Having just played Coachella, Louis The Child are on absolute fire and so is their latest single release called "Better Not" feat. Wafia. Still going with their somewhat quirky sound design, they manage to wrap up moments of surprise with catchiness and blissful dance vibes. Not only is the instrumental here sublime, but the story told through the lyrics is too and Wafia delivers a vocal line that is surely going to be a fan favourite. 

"Better Not" is out now via Interscope and you can stream it via most major music platforms. Enjoy!

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Monday, April 16, 2018

As I Sleep

It's Monday, so let's kick this week off with a proper house tune. The two Swedes Tobtok and Adrian Lux have joined forces for this one called "As I Sleep" feat. Charlee, delivering you with some amazingly hypnotic, yet emotional club vibes. The repetitive piano riff is simple, but combined with that cracking beat it's is insanely contagious. It's not a revolutionary track in any way, but the vibes are as real as they get and if you get your hands on the extended mix, it all makes even more sense. "As I Sleep" is out now via Perfect Havoc and available via most major platforms. Enjoy!

Get/stream "As I Sleep" by clicking HERE

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Saturday, April 14, 2018


NYC based producer Warner Case has dropped a new single called "Thereforeyou" following up on the release "Upsidown". His laid back sound bounces calmingly through the speakers once you hit the play button, making it ideal for an easy listening session. As a producer and singer Warner Case has his signature on the entire track with the exception of the guitar which is played by Youngr.

If you happen to be in Guadalajara, Mexico City or NYC you can get the chance to experience him live in April and May. For his NYC show he will be the supporting act for the legendary Swiss DJ EDX at Marquee. See the dates and details right here below:

Stream via SPOTIFY

Tour dates:
Apr. 21: Club Janis, Mexico City
Apr. 27: MUI MUI, Guadalajara
May 4: Marquee NYC, direct support for EDX

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Friday, April 13, 2018


Canadian wonder duo Young Bombs recently returned guessed it...ANOTHER REMIX. While impatiently waiting for real original work by the two Vancouver based boys, this edition of Bazzi's "Mine" perfectly fits into the current portfolio, delivering emotional 80s dance vibes, with a strong breath of indie. Their sound design has developed into something they can call their own by now and they manage to push that concept onwards and upwards like only Young Bombs knows how to. Can't think of a better tune to celebrate Friday with, so make sure you press that play button and start partying into the weekend :) 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


U.S. based duo LMBO have released a new single called "Dysphoria" and it's something to get excited about. Following up on their track "Fake It", the two continue to develop and shape their unique soundscape. This being a relatively new project, it's incredible how they've already managed to produce some tunes that really sound special enough to stick out from the crowd. If LMBO can keep this up, they are heading for something big. 

"Dysphoria" manages to strike some sad sounding chords, but it also gets to a point where it feels uplifting and energetic again. The combination is striking, making this a track you'll find yourself listening to a few times before it settles.

So get started by hitting the play button or pick up a free copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Monday, April 9, 2018

Ching Ching

Ladies and Gentlemen...the Wolf is back! be fair he has been back for almost a week now, but i didn't have a chance to give this awesome tune a spin until now. After a longer period of silence, LA based Wolfgang Gartner returns with "Ching Ching" which delivers a perfect blend on his characteristic sound design, with more modern pop/dance elements. That unfortunately has the drawback of making the track sound a tad dated, but it doesn't change the fact that it still freakin' rocks! The melody is catchy, the energy makes you want to dance and the lyrics are there for you to sing along to. What more do you want from music that is meant to make you feel good? I can't think of there you go! 

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

U Make Me

NYC based duo Disco Fries are back with a new release called "U Make Me". Having just released a fine EP which departed a bit from their characteristic sound, the two take a step back with this one, focusing on dance friendly pop vibes. The soft verses makes this a very radio friendly track, but there's still energy enough on this tune to light a fire. On vocals we have singer and actress Raquel Castro delivering some sweet lyrics to go along with the well balanced instrumental.

Disco Fries always impress me with their amazing production quality and their ability to make music sparkle to an unreal degree. This one is no difference! So kick back and enjoy this new single, which is out now via Enhanced. 

Get/Stream by clicking HERE
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Friday, April 6, 2018

More Than A Stranger

LA based producer Justin Caruso has released a new track and it's the perfect piece of music to start to celebrate Friday. This one is called "More Than A Stranger" and that's also what Justin Caruso should be to you by now. Having established himself through remixing, his first couple of original tracks have been very well received thanks to his great sound design and focus on positive sounding vibes. "More Than A Stranger" starts out with some ultra smooth piano chords that make it obvious that you're listening to a pop song, but as the pace goes up, you'll notice an urge that will make you dance into the weekend with this one. What's also nice...this is a duet which is performed by Cappa and Ryan Hicari, who both nail the vibe and make the storytelling really enjoyable.

 Give the track a spin right here or stream via the link below. Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Full Moon

CAAAAAAN YOU FEEEEEEEEEL IT?!??!?!?! The living legend Larry Heard is back with a new single called "Full Moon" under his famous alias Mr. Fingers. The vibe is amazingly laid back, fitting with the style that we've come to know from the Chicago house producer. This track also happens to be the opener for his forthcoming album called "Cerebral Hemispheres", including a total of 18 new pieces of music coming out on his own imprint Alleviated Records on April 13th. The LP will be a complete listening experience, so if you are expecting club bangers...forget about it. This is deep, soulful electronica that deserves to be cherished second by second.

So get your proper audio equipment out for this one, kick back and enjoy some classy beats from a producer veteran!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

September Fades

Toronto based Raffa Weyman aka Ralph is responsible for today's piece, with her single called "September Fades". Her style on this track can be characterised as a retro pop ballad with hints of Sade, Donna Summer and even Lady Gaga. The crisp production and the interesting arrangement makes her vocal shine to the fullest, delivering a warm and earworm worthy performance that you won't forget soon. It's a ready-made radio hit, but the synth work still makes me excited as the electronic music fan that I am. 

"September Fades" is out now and available via most major streaming platforms. Also, next to this sweet single, she has made a matching video which you can enjoy by clicking the link below. 

Watch video and see all streaming options by clicking HERE

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