Sunday, September 11, 2016

The End

Today marks a special day for the blog. After almost 5 years of daily posts this will be my least for a while. 

I would like to thank you for checking in and hope that you have found some exciting music and discovered a lot of new artists along the way. At least that was and remains to be the goal of MYWLT. 

On a more personal note, besides having been in a position where I got to listen to so much new and diverse music, what I have enjoyed the most has been the communication with readers, artists, management, PR and labels from all over the world. As cheesy as it may sound: music is a universal language, everyone can relate to it and for most of us it's part of our daily life in one way or another. That has been my motivation to write a total of 1780 blog posts, which I hope you have enjoyed.

MYWLT isn't going to disappear, however I feel like it's time to take a break from it all. There's still lots of great music you can discover here on the blog (check the archive) or listen to music from the MYWLT Hype Machine feed.

For my last post, I have chosen two tracks. The first one is a brand new single by Kap Slap called "Harbor" feat. Jake Etheridge. Compared to "Felt This Good", "Harbor" has a more acoustic vibe overall. The track is a mix of indie, pop, trap and tropical house, making it great for easy listening. The drop has a casual vocal chopping melody and although I've sort of grown tired of this type of effect, Kap Slap has still managed to keep it interesting, dynamic and alive sounding. You can stream "Harbor" right here or pick up a copy via Itunes (see link below).

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For my last track I have chosen the latest single by CID & Kaskade called "Sweet Memories". It's a proper energetic house tune, thanks to an amazing punchy bass line, a haunting vocal and a hypnotic vibe. Overall it's quite a simple track, but here the rule "less is more" applies and it works out in CID & Kaskade's favor. As a result, "Sweet Memories" so lit, you need a fire extinguisher nearby, before you start listening.

"Sweet Memories" is out now via Arkade and available via most major platforms. Also, make sure to check out the swag music video below.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016


I can't keep up with Young Bombs...they are just too productive and too darn awesome. Having just released their remix for Jesper Jenset's "High", the duo is now back with another remix, this time for Troye Sivan's "Wild" feat. Alessia Cara. Since I am a big fan of the original track, it always takes something extra to get me hooked on something I believe is already 100% perfect. The two Canadians were able to pull it off though, adding their signature electro/indie/pop club vibe to this track, making it extra catchy and fresh sounding.

"Wild" (Young Bombs remix) is out now and available for streaming right here or via Spotify (see link below). Enjoy!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Secret Garden

Today's one and only tune comes from Bensalem based producer called Izzard. He has just released a new single called "Secret Garden" feat. Merival, which has been released on the debut album of the music collective Soda Island. "Secret Garden" is a beautiful mix of electronica and alternative music genres, combining electric and live instruments. I particularly like the guitar play and vocal performance on this track, both sound so incredibly calming and also set the scene for the remaining track. So for this Friday, don't stress....just listen to Izzard and all will be fine :)

You can also pick up the debut album by Soda Island on vinyl, on which you'll find "Secret Garden". Check the link below for that. 

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Thursday, September 8, 2016


In other news, MYWLT today reached 1000 likes on Facebook. Thank you so much for the support! You guys rock!

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I Get It Now

Canadian duo Fjord have released a new single called "I Get It Now" and it's awesome. With a smooth and atmospheric sounding indie electronica vibe, this track is filled with emotions. In fact, the vibe is a little bit heavy and perhaps even slightly depressing, but that is what I really like about it. It's not often that a track like this comes along and also manages to tick all the right boxes. If you're familiar with Fjord's Neil Young cover of "Hey Hey My My", you might recognise the vibe which seems to be a continuous theme for Fjord so far, but it really sets them apart from the crowd.

"I Get It Now" is out now and you can stream it right here or via Spotify (see link below). Enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Make Me Feel

Today's first track comes from Melbourne based Aristo G and it's called "Make Me Feel". With a crips house beat and a very catchy melody, this track does a pretty damn good job at getting stuck in my head. The vocal performance adds some smoothness to it all, while the vocal snippets that are part of the drop/chorus makes sure to kick some energy into the mix. "Make Me Feel" sparkles with late summer vibes, so even if it's getting colder where you are, this track will bring back the heat. 

Aristo G has released this track via Ivory Oasis and it's available as a free download via the link below.

Download HERE
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If you're looking for something more chill, then maybe you should check out the latest single by Ben Macklin called "Feels So Right". While it's mostly an instrumental track, there's a distinct vocal sample humming over it all. The easy going vibe reminds me a bit of Poolside, but also what's now known as vaporwave. The undeniable 80's synth and bass vibe has always been the trademark sound for Ben Macklin, but it's also what I really like about his music.

Give "Feels So Right" a spin and grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Premiere: Steve Void & No Mondays - Chemistry (ft. Clara Mae)

Whoa...wait...what? 2 posts in one day? Yes...that's right! This one is extra special though. It's the premiere of Dutch producer Steve Void & No Mondays' brand new - fresh out of the oven - single called "Chemistry". The track is a lovely indie house production, with a beautiful vocal performance by Clara Mae and an on point instrumental that perfectly balances its energy, making this a sweet, emotional and light club track. This also makes it a very versatile track, ideal for easy listening or to dance along to. The melody is also addictively catchy, so be prepared to have this tune stuck in your head. 

Steve Void & No Mondays are giving "Chemistry" away as a free download and you can pick up a copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE (via Facebook)
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Dub's Up

Coolwater Set (aka Far East Movement x Autolaser) are back with a brand new single called "Dub's Up" feat. Problem & Whitney Phillips. Experiencing huge success with their debut single "The Coast", their follow up track has a lot to live up to, but fear not....because it is absolutely amazing. This time they have gone a bit more heavy on the indie vibes, utilising the amazing vocal by Whitney Phillips and a lush electro melody. The rhymes added by Problem gives the track a little West Coast edge and ties everything nicely together, making "Dub's Up" a perfectly casual convertible cruiser's song. Coolwater Set have released their new single as a free download, so all you have to do is to grab a copy via the link below. Later "Dub's Up" will become part of their debut EP "The Coast". Stay tuned for that :)

Download HERE
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Finally, here is a new remix by Canadian Young Bombs. This time the duo has taken Norwegian Jesper Jenset's track "High" and turned it into indie electronic dance perfection. The remix has a wonderful flow, a great level of energy and a dope melody, making this quite an earworm. Even though they've gone with the overused vocal chop effect for the drop, it's been executed in a way that just makes you want to listen to this remix over and over again.

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Monday, September 5, 2016


Let's start out this dope new week with a brand new single from L.A. based Two Friends and Exit Friendzone. This is called "Overdose" and it's probably the only good overdose you can get...apart from love that is. However, that is exactly what the track is about and combining that with an instrumental that has just the right blend of energy and emotions, you have something you can listen to again and again (earworm alarm). Two Friends' characteristic piano sound is proudly present here as well, giving "Overdose" their signature vibe. The vocal performance by Natalola is also absolutely fantastic, being both extremely powerful and fragile in the parts where it needs to be. 

"Overdose" is out now via Armada Trice and available via most major music platforms (see link below).

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Far Away

Welcome to Sunday, one of my favourite days of the week...Let's turn up the stereo and enjoy something nice and light, shall we? 

L.A. based duo Isle & Fever have released a new track called "Far Away". It's a nice and easy going disco/funk piece and it has the most amazing late night disco chillout vibe. The sounds they've picked for this track all beautifully compliment each other, creating a light and crisp vibe. Just listening to the simple piano chords in the beginning gives me the chills (but in the best possible way).

"Far Away" is going to be part of the duo's debut EP, which will also see a vinyl release via Stratford Ct. Records. You can however already pick up their new single as a free download right here below (via Soundcloud). 

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bringing Up The Heat

Today's first tune called "Bringing Up The Heat" comes from a producer called Viciousi. While the name sounds Italian, this guy actually comes from Finland...the land of lakes and saunas. He's definitely bringing up the heat with this one, as it's one of the most discolicious tracks I've heard in a while. With a funky French house groove and an energy level that is just on point, it's a track that will put you in a good mood when listening to it. "Bringing Up The Heat" is part of a 10-track compilation called "La Vogue Vol. 1" released by Cavaricci Records, which is out now and available via Beatport. Check the stream below to listen and pick up a copy via Beatport. Enjoy :)

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Up next is an awesome rework of a classic. Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" has been brought back into the 21st century thanks to Germany based Mind Electric. While still keeping it classy and somewhat old school, the energy has been transformed. With a catchy bass line and some dope piano chords this track has yet again become a firestarter. I utterly respect artists who can take a classic track and turn it into something amazing without messing things up. Mind Electric has succeeded and the result speaks for itself. Take a listen below, stream via Spotify or get a copy via Beatport (see link).

Get/Stream "Praise You" by Mind Electric by clicking HERE
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Friday, September 2, 2016

Whole Heart

Look at that read that correctly. Gryffin has teamed up with Bipolar Sunshine for this brand new single called "Whole Heart". The track has a catchy and radio friendly electro, pop and tropical vibe. I love the live guitar parts and the vocal performance in particular and in a way it makes me want to hear "Whole Heart" in an acoustic version at some point. That being said, I love the energy balance and it works just fine as a late summer track. Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine's new single is out now via Darkroom/Interscope Records and you can stream it or pick up a copy via most major platforms. Enjoy :)

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Two weeks ago you could find the first single from Amtrac's new EP here on the blog. If you haven't heard it yet, you can check it out HERE, it's one of my absolute favourite Amtrac tracks. The b-side of this EP is called "Renton" and while still bass heavy, it does have a lighter vibe to it compared to the first single "Farewell". Since we're still talking about a deep house track, you'll find this to be equally hypnotic, but "Renton" also features more melodic elements, which gives it a much different feel overall. Check it out below and grab a copy via Beatport.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Today's one and only track you might know as "Superstar" by Pegboard Nerds & Nghtmre feat. Krewella, however you haven't heard it like this yet. Boulder based producer Thoreau is the guy responsible for this future bass/trap inspired remix, taking away the dubstep/glitch parts and replacing them with some amazing new sounds and a cracking melody. While I loved the raunchy vibe of the original mix, I also love how Thoreau's remix packs in more emotion with his version, while still ensuring that the mix is tight and the energy lit. Press play and give it a spin right here below:

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