Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dancing Into Life

Let's wrap up this Tuesday with a club friendly version of SIRMA's "Dancing Into Life" by the duo Instant Karma. The house vibe is strong on this remix, thanks to a catchy sounding bass line and a perfect vocal implementation, giving room to the emotional side from the original track as well. Listening to the track, I feel like this would work just as well on a big festival scene, as it would in a smaller club or just for easy listening. It's just on point at every level! Give it a spin below or grab the stream over on Spotify (see link below). Enjoy!

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Premiere: Eau Claire - Room feat. CMG (Noce Remix)

It's premiere time! Lights, red carpet...action....Here is DC/Bmore based producer Noce with his official remix for Eau Claire's absolutely stunning single "Room" featuring Camille Michelle Gray. Even though this is the first time I feature Noce on the blog, he's a seasoned producer, also representing 50% of Bête Noire....Suit & Tie remix...wink ;-)

For this track, Noce has made sure to boost the disco vibe, adding a super groovy bassline and some cool sounding horns in the drop. For me the original mix was already an earworm...and now...it has just made another imprint on the inside of my head. 

The remix by Noce is out now on Eau Claire's "All The Wonder" remix pack via Feed Me Disco, including versions by Zacheser and Nazariff and remixes by N2N and Enamour for the title track All The Wonder. Find all the links you need below and enjoy!

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Golden // Dark Days

This track is golden...and appropriately, this is also what it is called. It's the works of Munich based DJ and producer SAINT WKND, who with "Golden" releases the first single from his forthcoming EP Golden Youth. The track features Aussie indie band Hoodlem, who add a perfectly on point vocal performance. The light vibe and chill out sound design makes this a soothing piece of electronica, perfect to start out the week. Give it a spin below or grab a stream from most major music platforms, as "Golden" is out now via Ultra. Enjoy!

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Grammy nominated duo SOFI TUKKER are red hot fire with their latest remix for Local Native's "Dark Days". Adding their characteristic sound design to this track, really makes it lighten up.  This is exactly the kind of clubby SOFI TUKKER I've come to like. The intro alone is enough to give me goosebumps.

Their remix is part of an official remix pack, which also includes a version by Classixx. Give the track a spin below or grab the stream over on Spotify (where it's also included in the January playlist). Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017


It’s officially the last day of the week, so let’s have a happy and positive sounding tune before it's Monday again.

This particular track is a remix by U.S. based Christofi, who has taken on Elohim’s “Hallucinating”. While maintaining the theme of the original mix, Christofi makes sure to add an extra layer of upbeat goodness with oil drums, which gives this remix a delightful Caribbean tone. The melody is also super catchy and if you feel like getting an earworm on, just find the play button below and you’ll be set! There's also a free download available if that is more your thing. 

That's it for this week...see you in the next one!

Download HERE

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

My World

Disco-🍟 are back with a brand new single called "My World" and if you're looking for an upbeat and feel good house tune, then this is for you. With a soulful vocal performance by Dee Roze, this tune will surely put a smile on your face and have you sing along in no time. The instrumental is also chronically catchy and helps set the stage for this party starting jam. "My World" is out now via Mix Mash Deep and available via most major platforms. Give it a spin or check out the link below for alternative streams. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Just one more day 'till Friday, so let's celebrate that occasion with a mid-week pick-me-upper from Kuuro. Little is know about the people behind Kuuro, however what I can tell is that this is just their third single release... and what a release it is. Appropriately titled "Savage", this track might challenge some of you pop lovers out there, but personally I am amazed by the sound design and absolute bombastic vibe and energy. "Savage" is out now via Monstercat and available via most major platforms (see link below). Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Savage" by clicking HERE
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shock Horror

Karma Kid & Armeria are Shy Luv and they have an EP lined up, with the first release being this dope feel good nu-disco'ish/electronica/pop type track called "Shock Horror". Reading the title might make you think that this is a dark sounding piece, however the vibe is surprisingly upbeat and catchy. The track features vocals by singer/songwriter JONES, which is a perfect match for a track of this caliber.

Together with this first single, the duo has dropped a music video as well...and dropped is the keyword, as they are literally dropping from the sky in this trippy visual interpretation of their song.

The Shock Horror EP will contain a total of 4 tracks and is set to be released on March 10th.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Twist Your Arm

As I am currently staying in Frankfurt, I thought it would be cool to check out what the electronic music scene is like here. Therefore, let's check out this remix by local boy Roman Flügel who's released this cool version for Ten Fe's "Twist Your Arm". With a deep and slightly dramatic sounding bass line, he manages to create a seriously classy retro style electronica sound. While making the track sound clubbier, he keeps the main theme as it is, securing that mysterious and haunting cinematic profile of the original track. The end result...world class! Give it a spin here, or check out the link below for Spotify. Enjoy!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Mad About You

Cologne based producer Koni is back with a brand new single called "Mad About You" feat. Danelle, bringing you a little tropical house vibe to keep you warm during the winter months. 

I have to admit I was never a fan of the tropical house "pan flute", but on this track it sounds refreshingly different. The catchy melody is partly to be thanked for that, but also Danelle's vocal performance makes this track a dream to listen to. The collab came to be over the internet, considering that Danelle is an LA Girl and that didn't seem to be a hindrance in the creation of this excellent, early summer track. Give it a spin or check out the alternative streams in the link below:

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Let's take things in a trappy direction with this remix by Unlike Pluto for Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE's "Superstar" feat. Krewella. The drop is clearly what makes this remix stand out. I don't know what to call the sound..is it a horn of some sort...not even sure, but it sounds super dope and gives the track new live and a different flavour. This new sound also goes incredibly well with the original vocal, which feels right at home in this new environment. Give it a spin yourself and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bittersweet Emotion

jackLNDN never disappoints and he manifests my statement with his latest single release called "Bittersweet Emotion", which I'll happily call my favourite release by the London producer so far. Josh Tobias is responsible for the soulful vocal performance and together with the tight house instrumental, what we have here are just pure feel good vibes. Thanks to a catchy bass line there's a high chance this will develop into your next earworm...it's certainly the case for me. jackLNDN is giving "Bittersweet Emotion" away as a free download and you can grab a copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Up next is a new single by Norwegian artist Julie Bergan called "Blackout". While you all know my feelings about vocal chop by now, what strikes me about "Blackout" is the vocal performance and...everything apart from the drop. I love the melodic and emotional side of the track and Julie Bergan's ability to move between fragile and powerful. Of course it's enhanced through effects, but it works magic for me. Production wise, I find that the dead spot around 1:00 is a stroke of genius, what a fine little detail...simple, but effective. Give her new track a spin by hitting the play button or check out the link below for a Spotify stream. Enjoy!

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Saturday, January 21, 2017


"Light" is my favourite San Holo to date, but the original mix has gotten some serious competition from the producer Loosid, who has released an official remix for the track. In this version, Loosid has turned up the atmospheric and melodic vibe during the verses and added a hefty bass/glitch drop, which gives the arrangement some nice contrast. The remix package for "Light" also includes remixes by WRLD, Taska Black, ILIVEHERE, Eastghost, Grant, GoSlo and BeauDamian. You can check out all via Spotify, but if you're mostly craving Loosid's remix, there's a free download waiting for you below. Enjoy!

Download/Stream "Light" (Loosid Remix) by clicking HERE
Check out the entire remix package for "Light" on SPOTIFY

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Let's continue with another remix. This one comes from Ken Loi, who has taken on MØ's "Final Song". I am really enjoying how Ken Loi has managed to do something creative with the vocal during the chorus. Instead of picking the "ordinary" vocal chop route, he found a different way of breaking things up, while speeding up the vocal significantly. Unlike the original mix, this remix is spurs with creativity, which makes the track incredibly interesting to listen to and analyse. Generously, Ken Loi this one away as a free download, so feel free to pick up a copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Friday, January 20, 2017


Yeah, I am not going to lie about it. I love The Chainsmokers and even though they have reached commercial success, I can't help but admire their achievement, consider the short time they've been around. With their latest single "Paris" they push the envelope artistically, allowing Drew to perform the main vocal part. While having received a lot of hate when singing live, you can't deny that it takes courage to develop that part of the sound design. It also still gives me the believe that The Chainsmokers continue to produce the music that they like and don't try to be something they are not. 

There's a big chance you've heard this tune on the radio already, but if you haven't...there you go.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Feel Something

Currently I feel kinda stressed out, but thanks to music I get opportunity to calm right down again after a hard days work. Therefore it feels appropriate to give this awesome track a listen today, so here's "Feel Something" by NYC based producer Black Coast feat. Remmi. The balance on this track is great and the sounds are not overly complex or demanding, making "Feel Something" perfect for easy listening. Personally, I particularly love the smooth synth chords during the verses. As I have claimed a few times by now, sometimes less is more and I think that goes for this track too. Give the track a spin or check out the alternative streams via the link below:

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Big things continue to happen for Steve James, who with his latest single, together with legendary Morgan Page, starts out 2017 with a bang. Their joint single called "Candle" is a fine melodic EDM marble and even though it pushes the vocal chop during the drop, I still find myself grooving along to the rhythm with ease. This single also happens to the first ever release on Proximity (the Youtube channel). A move that makes sense in my opinion, considering their significant following and passion for the electronic music genre. That tiny bit of news aside, go ahead a click that play button or grab the alternative stream via Spotify (link below). 

Stream via SPOTIFY
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Up next is an amazing new release called "Hideaway" by Dutch producer WRLD and Brisbane based Savoi. I love how the theme of the song and the vibe I get from it perfectly matches. The emotional sounding melody and the sound design reminds me a little of some of Porter Robinson's earlier work, but it's more of an influence than it's a true copy and I really like that. The vocal performance also feels on point for this type of track, so I am a happy camper. "Hideaway" is available as a free download, but you can also stream the track via most major platforms. Simply check the link below. Enjoy!

Download/Stream by clicking HERE
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If you're a Spotify x MYWLT fan, make sure you subscribe to the offical MYWLT playlist. These songs will be added as well. You'll always be up to date :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Overdose (remixes)

One of my favourite Two Friends releases to date was their single "Overdose", which they did together with Exit Friendzone. Now they have released the official remix pack for the single and the diversity you can discover here as a listener is absolutely amazing. One remix that stood out to me in particular is this one by Phoenix based Jameston Thieves. His raw and dirty sounding glitch/bass remix somehow manages to be absolute filth, but at the same time very enjoyable and fun sounding. Cue the pyrotechnics and smoke machine and fire this out the speaker like...loud...just loud :)

Below I've added the link for the entire remix pack, which also includes versions by CRWNS, Jinco and Sokko. Enjoy!

Get/Stream all official remixes by clicking HERE
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Another remix of "Overdose", however not part of the official remix package, also needs your attention. This deep house version by UK based TRU Concept, brings in an atmospheric flavour. By adding reverb to the vocal and turning down the energy for the instrumental, the Birmingham based duo has created a solid feel good/chillout house vibe. This gives Natalola's vocal performance the chance to shine in a different way. Unlike the remix above, this version feels more like a late night mix...something you can enjoy post-club session. Give it a spin below:

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Time Is Up

If you're into feel good house music, the name Luca Schreiner should be on your radar. With a number of official remix releases and his dope debut single "Missing", the Stuttgart based producer has already proven he can make a quality track. He wrapped up 2016 with his second single called "Time Is Up" feat. Mick Fouse. His characteristic deep house meets tropical house vibe, combined with a crisp vocal performance instantly sets the stage and it doesn't take more than a few seconds to get lost to the rhythm. That being said, I hope we'll be hearing much more to Luca Schreiner in 2017.

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Let's stay in Germany and have a listen to a remix by inHarmony for Alexx Mack's "Whatever I Want". With a light disco and funk vibe, the just 18 year old producer has created a proper earworm, taking full advantage of that dope vocal from the original release. His remix is taking part in the official remix competition over on Wavo, so if you feel like it you can support the young producer by giving him your vote. For that, check out the link below:

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

City Lights

Amsterdam based producer Sambrosa is responsible for this dope release called "City Lights". The single packs a nice emotional sounding melody, a cool vocal and a pleasant, yet still energy filled drop. The bouncy vibe that gets introduces with it, creates some interesting dynamics, while vocal chop is used for effect, rather than dominating the entire stage. This makes the track very balanced, perfect for the club and for easy listening. Sambrosa is giving "City Lights" away as a free download, so feel free to grab your own personal copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Exclusive Premiere: JNNA - Since U Been Gone

What a pleasure this is to introduce something soothing and beautiful for this Friday post. LA based singer/songwriter JNNA has released a cover for Kelly Clarkson's world famous hit "Since U Been Gone". Originally the legendary Max Martin and Dr. Luke produced wrote and produced this song as a proper power ballad, however there's not much left of that spirit on this version of the song. This in my mind also makes it stand out and gives the song new life and to be honest, I actually prefer it this way. With the help of Tyzo Bloom, whom she also worked with on his track "Closer To You", they've found an absolute sweet spot.

Alongside the track, they've made a music video, which you can check out below:

About the project, JNNA said: 

"It's so awesome that I had the opportunity to use a song I've loved since I was a little girl and make it into something of my own. While working on the cover, Casey (Tyzo Bloom) and I knew that we wanted to change it from a girl power pop track into more of a melancholic breakup song. As for the video, this was my first experience filming a music video and I'm so lucky to have friends that we're willing to help me actualize it."

Without further ado, here is JNNA's cover of "Since U Been Gone".

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Barbara Ann

Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba Babara Ann...yeah, you should know this classic hit by the Beach Boys, but I bet you haven't yet heard this cool cover version by Denver based Okoren feat. Stephen Henderson. Updating the track by giving it an easy going pop/electro/tropical vibe, turned out to be a freakin' good idea. Even though vocal chop is present (which I have started to think of in a negative way), the rest of the track still manages to give me the chills. Apart from the lyrics, there's not a lot left of the original Beach Boys vibe and that's actually a good thing. It gives the track its own profile and makes it stand out. Give it a spin below. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I am seriously lacking energy today, but instead of going nuts with coffee or energy drinks, here's something else. Canadian producer Konka has taken on N.E.R.Ds classic "Rockstar" and turned it into a bass-heavy energy butt kicking flip that will wake you up in an instant. Even for those of you who are wide awake, this track is fantastic. Clearly it's the bass that makes the track standout, but combined with the hip hop elements from the original track, this rework sounds both catchy and powerful. Konka's flip is available for streaming and you can even pick up a free download if you want to, just hit up the link below:

Download HERE

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Monday, January 9, 2017


Heyooo. Now you can listen to your favourite tunes from the blog on Spotify. The playlist will get more elaborate over time and will be updated frequently. The playlist below will include all future picks (if available on Spotify). 

Soon you'll also be able to find a monthly playlist, so you don't have to listen to old stuff if you don't want to. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Essential Being

Since it's Sunday, I thought it might be appropriate with a chill sounding house track, so here is "Essential Being" by French producer Beatune feat. Judah Moore. The simplicity of the track is what makes it stand out in my opinion. A crisp house beat, some soothing pad and bass sounds and a soulful vocal is all it takes to make me happy. It really goes to show that sometime less is more...especially when it comes to music. 

Beatune and Judah met at a random house party in Berlin, where they found out that they share the same passion for music. This lead to the creation of this blissfull track and there should be more coming out in the future as well. Can't wait to hear what they come up with. Until then, feel free to stream the track below. Enjoy!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

When I'm Down

I love the original version of "When I'm Down" by Whethan vs. Oliver Tree, but now L.A. based producer Virtu was asked to give it a respin and holy mother of electronic music... this is one for the books!

I love the new drums and how the bass gives the track new life and some kick ass energy. Virtu has also managed to balance out the track with quieter parts, adding atmosphere and contrast to this now rather energetic track. As a cherry on top, Virtu is giving this masterpiece away for free. Check out the link below for a copy. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Friday, January 6, 2017


What a way to start out the new year for U.S. based duo Joyzu, who return with a brand new single called "Running". I love how the intro instantly sets the energy for the track, with its wavey vibe. While the vocalist is unknown to me, his performance perfectly matches the tracks chemistry, making this a very radio friendly piece as well. Although "Running" was just released yesterday, it has already developed into a proper earworm for me, thanks to its great melody. So if you have been searching for the perfect track to take with you into the weekend, stop looking...this is it! "Running" is out now via The Bearded Man, so check out the link below for alternative streams or if you want to grab a copy. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Running" by Joyzu by clicking HERE
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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

All The Wonder

It's the beginning of the year and I feel like missed something from the last year...

More specifically I am talking about this lovely debut EP called "All The Wonder" by Eau Claire, which came out in September while I was taking a break from blogging. The two-track EP consists of the title track "All The Wonder" and "Room" feat. Camille Michelle Gray and both are absolute stellar. I hope you've already had a chance to listen those two tracks, but if you haven't, now is your chance.

While I like both tracks, there's something about the melody and the vocals on "Room" which has me melting like ice cream on a hot summer day. So even if it might be cold winter where you are at the moment, warm yourself with these feel good house tunes and grab a copy or stream via the link below:

Get/Stream "All The Wonder" EP by Eau Claire via ITUNES / SPOTIFY
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Don't Wanna Live Forever

It's time to catch up on some of the great tunes I missed towards the end of 2016. One of them was this remix/cover by Kiso for Taylor Swift & Zayn's "I Don't Wanna Live Forever". The producer has teamed up with Kayla Diamond, who beautifully performs the vocal in her own way. It might not be a duett anymore, but the track gains a fresh and clubbier sounding vibe overall. While the drop is heavy with the vocal chop effect, it works well and adds a balanced amount of energy. To me the verses stand out thanks to a clear and calming instrumental, giving plenty of room for the vocal to shine. Check out the track for yourself and pick up a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Destination Sunrise

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017. You made it, you're alive and hopefully well and healthy. Let's start out the year with some feel good funky house tunes!

One of my favourite summer tunes of 2016 was "Destination Sunrise" by Bit Funk feat. Nefe. Now the NYC based producer has given his own track a respin and released a club remix for the track. Still capturing his signature funk sound, "Destination Sunrise" has become more upbeat and party friendly. With the original having received +3 million plays on Spotify alone, I am confident this version will be just as popular. The added energy works really well and enhances the feel good vibe in my opinion, making this a perfect early candidate for summer jam of 2017. Give it a spin and check out the link below for alternative streaming options. 

Get/Stream "Destination Sunrise" by clicking HERE
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Up next is a new remix by The Him. This is the duo's last remix from 2016 and they released it so close to year end, I almost missed it. Here it is though, their remix for Mike Mago & Dragonette's "Secret Stash", in all its progressive house glory. With some kick ass energy no vocal chop...yep, you read that correctly, this track can start a proper fire under your ass. See what I mean by hitting that play button and check out the link below to grab a copy or find alternative stream, as the remix is out now via Hexagon. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Secret Stash" (The Him Remix) by clicking HERE

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