Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Big things continue to happen for Steve James, who with his latest single, together with legendary Morgan Page, starts out 2017 with a bang. Their joint single called "Candle" is a fine melodic EDM marble and even though it pushes the vocal chop during the drop, I still find myself grooving along to the rhythm with ease. This single also happens to the first ever release on Proximity (the Youtube channel). A move that makes sense in my opinion, considering their significant following and passion for the electronic music genre. That tiny bit of news aside, go ahead a click that play button or grab the alternative stream via Spotify (link below). 

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Up next is an amazing new release called "Hideaway" by Dutch producer WRLD and Brisbane based Savoi. I love how the theme of the song and the vibe I get from it perfectly matches. The emotional sounding melody and the sound design reminds me a little of some of Porter Robinson's earlier work, but it's more of an influence than it's a true copy and I really like that. The vocal performance also feels on point for this type of track, so I am a happy camper. "Hideaway" is available as a free download, but you can also stream the track via most major platforms. Simply check the link below. Enjoy!

Download/Stream by clicking HERE
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