Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Overdose (remixes)

One of my favourite Two Friends releases to date was their single "Overdose", which they did together with Exit Friendzone. Now they have released the official remix pack for the single and the diversity you can discover here as a listener is absolutely amazing. One remix that stood out to me in particular is this one by Phoenix based Jameston Thieves. His raw and dirty sounding glitch/bass remix somehow manages to be absolute filth, but at the same time very enjoyable and fun sounding. Cue the pyrotechnics and smoke machine and fire this out the speaker like...loud...just loud :)

Below I've added the link for the entire remix pack, which also includes versions by CRWNS, Jinco and Sokko. Enjoy!

Get/Stream all official remixes by clicking HERE
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Another remix of "Overdose", however not part of the official remix package, also needs your attention. This deep house version by UK based TRU Concept, brings in an atmospheric flavour. By adding reverb to the vocal and turning down the energy for the instrumental, the Birmingham based duo has created a solid feel good/chillout house vibe. This gives Natalola's vocal performance the chance to shine in a different way. Unlike the remix above, this version feels more like a late night mix...something you can enjoy post-club session. Give it a spin below:

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