Destination Sunrise

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017. You made it, you're alive and hopefully well and healthy. Let's start out the year with some feel good funky house tunes!

One of my favourite summer tunes of 2016 was "Destination Sunrise" by Bit Funk feat. Nefe. Now the NYC based producer has given his own track a respin and released a club remix for the track. Still capturing his signature funk sound, "Destination Sunrise" has become more upbeat and party friendly. With the original having received +3 million plays on Spotify alone, I am confident this version will be just as popular. The added energy works really well and enhances the feel good vibe in my opinion, making this a perfect early candidate for summer jam of 2017. Give it a spin and check out the link below for alternative streaming options. 

Get/Stream "Destination Sunrise" by clicking HERE
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Up next is a new remix by The Him. This is the duo's last remix from 2016 and they released it so close to year end, I almost missed it. Here it is though, their remix for Mike Mago & Dragonette's "Secret Stash", in all its progressive house glory. With some kick ass energy no vocal chop...yep, you read that correctly, this track can start a proper fire under your ass. See what I mean by hitting that play button and check out the link below to grab a copy or find alternative stream, as the remix is out now via Hexagon. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Secret Stash" (The Him Remix) by clicking HERE

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