Monday, October 31, 2016

Just A Lover's Monday! Do you share my enthusiasm? Hmm...maybe not, but then wait until you hear this gem by Hayden James called "Just A Lover", here in the Caius remix. While the original vibe has been maintained, Copenhagen based Caius has taken this track and made it delightfully chillout, giving it a softer sound profile. Although it takes out the clubby element of "Just A Lover", it makes the track a nice and casual easy listening piece instead. Give it a spin and check out Caius on social media via the links below. Enjoy!

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Let's continue with another remix. Canadian duo Young Bombs have transformed Jeremih's track "oui" and turned it into a melodic, samba-clubby, happy tune! The beat is really what takes this to another level and with Jeremih's smooth rhymes on top, you've got yourself a track that makes you want to crank up that dancing motor of yours. This one is even available as a free download, so go ahead and pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is It Over

Since I won't be posting to the blog tomorrow, I thought that we should just start the week early and hit play on this amazing new single from Disco Fries and Shanahan called "Is It Over" feat. Shy Martin. With a crisp portion of vocal and a playful melody, this track...even with its sad theme...has quite a dope sounding positive vibe to my ears. Good thing this track is only over, until you go ahead and replay it! The new single is out now on Enhanced and available via most major platforms via the link below.

Get/Stream "Is It Over" by clicking HERE (multiple options)

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and it doesn't stop there with Disco Fries. The duo also recently released a new remix for Skylife's "Why". Similar to the track above, they've combined a playful and positive sounding instrumental with a bittersweet theme. The piano house driven buildup gives the track some excellent energy, while the drop adds some sweet funky rhythms. Watch out for inevitable earworm xD Give it a spin ...or two...or three...right here below. Enjoy!

Alternative stream via SPOTIFY

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


California based producer Olmos has released his version of Wingtip's track "Rewind". To me the original was a fun hybrid genre-wise, however Olmos goes full club mode with his remix and that's a an awesome experience. The remix still blends in some sweet acoustic elements and stays very melodic, giving the listener both energetic and calm moments to enjoy. The new clubbier sound perhaps brings out a DJ Snake'esque vibe, but then again I still think the vocal chop drop is very refreshing and cool sounding for a track like this.

You can pick up Olmos' remix via Soundcloud as a free download, so make sure to grab a copy while it's hot ;-)

Download via SOUNDCLOUD
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Up next is a track that's quite a lot different. Dutch duo DROELOE has made this piece called "Wake The Warrior" and that title perfectly fits the bill. This track is a deep, almost primal sounding electronica instrumental, making use of some rough bass sounds and some more elements that might be a little towards early GRiZ meets Ratatat. Give it a spin and grab a free download via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Me & U

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of hearing quite a few remixes of Cassie's classic "Me & U". Yesterday, this version by Toronto based producer GOVI was brought to my attention. Maybe it's because I really enjoy a good UK house track, maybe it's because "Me & U" is just a dope track....maybe it's a bit of both, hehe :) The deep vibe works wonders though and the slight sidechain effect gives the remix some nice dynamics, making it quite bouncy too. Give it a spin below.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Haiti based producer Michael Brun strikes back with a new single called "Jupiter" feat. Roy English & Uni. I'm always a sucker for a good duet and when the production is tight, the melody catchy and the lyrics awesome, then I'm sold. Appropriately for the title, "Jupiter" has an atmospheric and lush modern pop vibe. The beat is also quite interesting, borrowing elements from trap on the drop, but also traditional house on the verses. "Jupiter" is out now on Kit Coconut and you can stream it here or via Spotify (see link below). Enjoy!

Stream "Jupiter" by Michael Brun on SPOTIFY
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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Today's first tune comes from NYC based producer Ian Spurrier, but maybe you know him better as Fareoh. He's just released a new single called "Illegal" feat. Katelyn Tarver. It's a melodic marble that's hitting the sweet spot between electronic and modern pop music just right in my opinion. When the strings come in things start to become interesting and it opens up the track. The drop gets my personal earworm seal of approval and will probably get stuck in your head too if you just hit the play button below.

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Up next is a remix by LA based producer tyDi for The Chainsmokers' "All We Know". The gain in tempo works really well here and it makes the vocal sound bouncy in a really awesome way. The drop is bass driven with a vocal chop, but even with that overused effect I find the remix is really well rounded and crisp sounding. Let me know what you think? Grab a free download via the link below.

Download HERE
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Déjà Vu Affair

Déjà Vu indeed....MYWLT is back...back at it again with great music, from great artists. With the end of my hiatus, there's also a change in the blog posting structure. Unlike before, there won't be daily post in the blog for the next 6 months...that's for sure. Everything else is just as usual :)

So let's get things going again with this amazing remix by NYC based Callie Reiff, for Sofi Tukker's hit "Déjà Vu Affair". While the original mix was already kind of clubby, Callie Reiff gives it some extra omph by adding some big sounding drums and catchy vocal driven drop. This gives the track a more grand club sound, making it louder and even more danceable than it was before. Also, considering Callie Reiff's young age (she's just 16 years old), my bet is that there will be a lot more coming from this talented DJ and producer. You can follow her on social media and you can pick up her cracking remix for free (via the links below). Enjoy!

Download HERE
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