Déjà Vu Affair

Déjà Vu indeed....MYWLT is back...back at it again with great music, from great artists. With the end of my hiatus, there's also a change in the blog posting structure. Unlike before, there won't be daily post in the blog for the next 6 months...that's for sure. Everything else is just as usual :)

So let's get things going again with this amazing remix by NYC based Callie Reiff, for Sofi Tukker's hit "Déjà Vu Affair". While the original mix was already kind of clubby, Callie Reiff gives it some extra omph by adding some big sounding drums and catchy vocal driven drop. This gives the track a more grand club sound, making it louder and even more danceable than it was before. Also, considering Callie Reiff's young age (she's just 16 years old), my bet is that there will be a lot more coming from this talented DJ and producer. You can follow her on social media and you can pick up her cracking remix for free (via the links below). Enjoy!

Download HERE
Follow Callie Reiff on social media: FACEBOOK // TWITTER
Follow Sofi Tukker on social media: FACEBOOK // TWITTER


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