Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mona Lisa Eyes

Two Friends are launching their final and third stage rocket from their EP - Out Of Love, with the title "Mona Lisa Eyes". For this single, the duo has gone back to their house music roots and teamed up with the chief ninja of harmonica players, to deliver a massive tune, with lots of dance friendly energy. Because it's not often you hear a track with harmonica as the dominant instrument, the vibe feels fresh and fits right at home on the EP as a whole, where it manages to stir things up a little. 

If you haven't had the chance to check out their Out Of Love EP yet, do yourself a favour and check out the link below:

Get/Stream "Out Of Love EP" by clicking HERE
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!!!Earworm alert!!! Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, has released a new single called "Stay" together with the talented Alessia Cara. For this release, he taken on a more pop friendly vibe, which also makes it very radio friendly. Combined with Zedd's ace production skills and Cara's infectious vocals, the result comes in waves of audible warmth and is bound to get stuck in your brain. 

"Stay" is out now via Interscope Records and available via most major platforms. Give it a spin below:

Stream via SPOTIFY

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Monday, February 27, 2017

I Remember

German producer Jetique returns with a french house tune called "I Remember" and it brings along some crisp and energetic retro disco/dance energy. The positive vibe is very contagious and will make you feel good. The track is not particularly demanding in any way, but it's happy and upbeat...and sometimes a good track doesn't need much more than that! "I Remember" is out now and available as a free download (check the link below).

Download HERE
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Man In The Moon

Munich based producer Leon Weber aka LCAW has released a new ear worm called "Man In The Moon" feat. Dagny. Combining electro pop and indie with an on point vocal, he has created a pure feel good tune. The energy on this single also hits an ideal sweet spot where it's both great for clubs and radio. The pluck style synth/vocal effect during the chorus helps in making this an unforgettable release, with a melody that will inevitable get stuck in your head. Hit the play button below and find out for yourself. 

Get/Stream "Man In The Moon" by clicking HERE

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Friday, February 24, 2017


SOFI TUKKER are back with a new single called "Greed". I always love it when SOFI TUKKER release an upbeat track and that is exactly what "Greed" is. In fact, it might be there most upbeat track to date. While still incorporating their unique sound, the vibe on this track reminds me of The Ting Tings. Maybe it's due to the somewhat playful melody or the shouting vocal elements, but it's all to the benefit of the listener.  With the release, the Grammy nominated duo push their boundaries and share a little bit of punk'ish vibes to keep it fresh. 

Give "Greed" a spin below or find it on your favourite music platform. Enjoy!

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Informal Disco

U.S. based producer Amtrac has revealed another track from his  EP 1987. Unlike the first single release "Piano Boy", this new one called "Informal Disco" goes all in on the deep house vibe. It still has that unmistaken Amtrac sound, but it's heavier and more intense. The bass driven melody sounds rather melancholic in my opinion, but that also creates some fine contrast on the EP overall...and then there's that excellent beat, which you just have to take a moment to really fully appreciate.

The full EP 1987 is out today and you can stream the entire deal via the link below.

Get/Stream 1987 EP by clicking HERE
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lights Out

Ken Loi & Vanto's track "Lights Out" is one that slipped under my radar when it was released last year, however I can now redeem myself by sharing Ken Loi's VIP mix and truth be told, I think it's even better than the original. The wobble gives the instrumental an entirely new dynamic and the increased pace and tempo, gives "Lights Out" a very different energy. Just as in the original mix, LUX's vocal sounds deLUX (pun intended) and even with the light vocal chop during the drop, the sound is still interesting and fresh. 

Until Friday (tomorrow), the VIP mix is available as a free download. So be quick and hit the download button below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Echo (Let Go)

You know his music, but maybe you're still clueless about his identity. However, since the release of the the first pics in January we know that Sean Turk isn't a unicorn or magical hamster or whatever. Nope, he's a bloke from NYC and he makes some seriously tasty tunes. His latest work is this remix for Breathe Carolina x IZII's "Echo (Let Go)", where he's adding his characteristic bedroom bass vibe, along with some classy indie and trap elements. The end result is everything Sean Turk stands for. It's a remix that perfectly captures his winning formula and unique sound design.

Give his remix for "Echo (Let Go)" a spin here or check out the link below for alternative streams.

Get/Stream "Echo (Let Go)" (Sean Turk Remix) HERE
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eyes On You

U.S. based producer Figgy has released a new single called "Eyes On You" feat. Angelica Bess. Staying true to his genre (disco), this track delivers thanks to a nice upbeat instrumental and a perfectly on-point vocal performance. In some parts, "Eyes On You" even takes on a more old-school approach to the disco vibe, however it's still incredibly dancefloor friendly and will put a smile on your face. Figgy's new single is out now and available via most major music platforms.

Get/Stream "Eyes On You" by clicking HERE
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Monday, February 20, 2017


Hollywood Principle's track "Firework" has been remixed in every possible direction since it was made available via a remix competition late last year. German producer inHarmony also got his hands on the stems and decided to turn up the funk/disco elements up to 11, making use of the original mix's amazing bass line. While it might not be the most radical remix out there, it sounds dope and it's certainly well executed. Give it a spin and make sure to grab a free download of this remix via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wait For You


New Zealand based brothers Rory & Taine aka Karmadella are the ones responsible for this amazing release called "Wait For You" feat. Connor Mac. I love how they've combined elements of indie & pop during the verses, however then the instrumental shifts to future bass for the drop/chorus. This creates an on point balance between energy and chillout that I find very appealing and which makes their sound design pretty unique. 

"Wait For You"  is the duo's debut single and thus I hope we'll be hearing much more to them in the future. For now, you can stream this earworm right here, via Spotify, or grab a copy via Itunes (see link below). Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Wait For You" via ITUNES/SPOTIFY
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Bibi The Dog

When Fabich drops a new remix...it's a no-brainer really. The Munich based producer has found his formula when it comes to creating catchy house tunes. His take on M83's "Bibi The Dog" is just a manifestation of his genius. There's not a lot left of the original vibe, however the parts that Fabich has used really get to shine in this upbeat version. I can't think of a better track to feature on a Friday, so do yourself a favour and take this one with you into the weekend. Fabich's remix is part of the official remix pack for M83's "Go!" EP, which is out now on most major music platforms (see link below).

Get "Go!" Remixes by clicking HERE
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Night Time

DK based Borneland & US based Falcon Punch have joined forces to create a track called "Night Time" feat. Line Gøttsche. Two years in the making and being a collab across three countries, this one was worth the trouble. The track transmits a smooth late night house vibe, making it perfect for a chillout session. Slovenian artist Anton Krustov has been in charge of playing those crisp sax parts you can hear, enhancing the "Night Time" theme and adding that special sparkle layer. The single is out now via most major platforms. Give it a spin below:

Get/Stream "Night Time" by clicking HERE
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The names is James....Steve James...ok..bad Bond pun aside, the talented U.S. based producer returns with a new single called "Warrior" feat. Lights. This time, Steve goes in a different direction with his sound design, by incorporating an East Asian vibe. Combining these cues with Lights' powerful vocal performance, the title "Warrior" feels more than appropriate, making it a very motivating track to listen to.

2017 will undoubtedly become a big year for Steve, who just attended the Grammy's for the first time. Not too long ago he was just another bedroom producer...now he is mingling with the biggest names in the music biz. What a development...but well deserved. 

Get/Stream "Warrior" by clicking HERE
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


When Papa Ya released their track "Sunny" it was an instant like for me. Recently though, Evan Gartner dropped his remix for the track and it's at least just as good. Playing with the vocal and giving the track a slightly bouncy vibe, makes it just that much more club friendly. It's still totally beach party compatible though and brings the good vibes from the original version. If you play this tune, sunshine will literally shine out from your stereo....ok that might have been an alternative fact...but you know what I mean ;-) Go ahead and grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE // Stream via SPOTIFY
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Out West

I never get tired about music that brings feel good vibes and a track that gives me that is this one by Chicago based Rich Jones called "Out West". With a pop/disco/dance genre combo and a groovy rhythm, it doesn't take long until you've got yourself an earworm. "Out West" is part of a four track EP called "Vegas", which was released on January 20th via Future Vega. You can stream the entire EP via Spotify or grab a download from Itunes (check the link below). Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Vegas" EP via ITUNES / SPOTIFY
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nobody Knows

Autograf are back with a brand new single called "Nobody Knows" feat. WYNNE and it might not be what you expect. This time they have crafted a beautiful, yet dark and bass driven electronica track, with a distinct cinematic feel. Some light piano chords brighten up the track, but still contribute to the mysterious vibe of the track...something that can be said about the vocal too. It's definitely a refreshing sound and something different for your ear canal, now that I've featured a lot of upbeat music lately. So take a moment and enjoy something a bit darker for once. 

Get/Stream "Nobody Knows" by clicking HERE
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Premiere: Amtrac - Piano Boy

Hello Monday, hello brand new music by U.S. based producer Amtrac, who today is releasing the first single from his forthcoming EP "1987" called "Piano Boy". I know very few producers who can make this kind of dynamic, beautiful and hypnotic deep house music and for me "Piano Boy" ticks all the right boxes. From second one, as the track slowly opens up, Amtrac takes you on a journey.

His work with the synths brings a distinct 1980s Miami style sound into the track, which gives "Piano Boy" an incredibly classy vibe. Rarely do I come across a track where I can say it will turn into a house classic...with "Piano Boy" I have no second thoughts about identifying it as such. It's really that good!

The remaining 3 tracks from the EP 1987 will drop on February 24th...until then you can stream "Piano Boy" below or check out most major platforms for download or streaming. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Piano Boy" by clicking HERE
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Out of Love

Following up on "Pacific Coast Highway", LA duo Two Friends return with one of their best releases to date called "Out of Love". For this single they've been working with Cosmos & Creature, who currently seem to find their way onto every single feel good tune out there. Combined they've made a track that captures pure happiness, a great melody and a radio friendly vibe. The sax that hits during the chorus is an important element to the feel good sensation of the track and makes "Out of Love" an early contender to summer track of 2017. Out now on Source, you can stream Two Friends' new single via most major platforms. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Out of Love" by clicking HERE
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Sunday, February 12, 2017


David Nothaker aka. Notaker is back with a cool new single called "Shimmer". This cool instrumental takes you on an atmospheric journey, combining electronic and acoustic elements in the perfect balance. The melody is quite melancholic in my opinion, but there's a lot of danceable energy in it too. Sound design wise, "Shimmer" takes cues from earlier works of Porter Robinson, which I do not mind at all. Notaker is still at the early stages of his career, so with time his sound will probably take on a more personal note. However, there's no denying that he is already a massive talent in the scene and with the release of "Shimmer" he is dropping a melodic marble of a track. 

"Shimmer" is out now via Monstercat and available via most major music platforms (see link below).

Get/Stream "Shimmer" HERE
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love Song

Originally Late Night Alumni used to consist of the four band members Becky Jean Williams, John Hancock, Finn Bjarnson and Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade), however for the past few years it seems the quartet has become a duo, making Becky Jean Williams and John Hancock the "visible" front figures of the band. Now however, they've rejoined with Kaskade for a brand new release called "Love Song", which perfectly captures the good ol' LNA vibe again. "Love Song" also happens to be the title track for a new EP release, which also includes the track "Only For Tonight". 

"Love Song" gets its love from Becky's soothing vocal performance and an electro/acoustic instrumental, which makes this one of LNA's most radio friendly tracks to date. The EP is out now via Arkade and available via most major music platforms. 

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Aussie producuer Timothy Arnott aka Ukiyo is the guy responsible for this track called "Calling" feat. Your Girl Pho. This is definitely a call you should pick up, because the sounds coming out the other end is electrifying bliss. The blend between electronica, hip-hop beats and a soul vocal makes this a very versatile track. It's a track you can listen to on the train or rock out to in the club. However, the versatility alone is not what makes it a great track. It's the smooth and easily recognisable sound design that makes "Calling" stand out and hopefully this is a style that Ukiyo will develop further in future releases.

"Calling" is out now and available via most major platforms (check the link below).

Get/Stream "Calling" by clicking HERE
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Video Premiere: THANKS feat. Sam Sparro - Your Man

No alternative facts to be found here! It's definitely Friday and that should is enough reason to party :)

Let's light things up with a track called "Your Man" by Danish duo THANKS. Behind this gratifying name are Anders B & Anders SG, who are also part of the band Alphabeat. That might have been a giveaway as to the sound design, however there's more...The vocal is performed by none other than Sam Sparro.

The single was released last year in December, but now there is a dope video to keep things spinning. According to THANKS, the video is a take on old VHS tapes, sped up by a 90s home-computer and hijacked by two guys with some synths and bongos and Mr. Sam Sparro in the most red oversized bomber jacked you'll ever see.

If that doesn't make you curious, then it's your own fault ;-)

Have a nice weekend!

Stream via SPOTIFY
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Déjà Vu

With a new sound and more pop inspired note, U.S. based Ken Loi returns with the single "Déjà Vu" feat. Sam Tinnesz. The influences for the track are pretty self explanatory, however with an outstanding production quality and a killer vocal, Ken Loi has got himself a proper radio hit. It's a track that makes you happy...it's uncomplicated and perfect for easy listening. With that said, I am just going to let the music speak.

 "Déjà Vu" is out now via Thrive Music, give it a listen her or check the link below for Spotify. Enjoy! 

Stream "Déjà Vu" via SPOTIFY
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Golden Touch

London based duo NVOY have teamed up with Natalola for a track called "Golden Touch" and that is also pretty descriptive of what has been going on in the recording studio. With an instantaneous ear worm appeal, King Midas himself could easily rock out to this track. Despite me being slightly tired of vocal chop, they've still managed to make it so damn catchy that it outweighs my criticism of this effect. Natalola's vocal also doesn't disappoint and provides the perfect coating for the verses and drop. "Golden Touch" is part of NVOY's new 4 track EP called "Aurum", which you can pick up on Itunes or stream via Spotify (see links below).

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crystal Ball

At the time of writing this post, Pat Lok is currently on his European Tour and (hopefully) enjoying his time on this side of the pond. He brought along a new single too called "Crystal Ball" and nope...I don't even have to be a fortune teller to know that this is a good track. The amazing vocal you can experience on this single is performed by Claire Ridgely and suits that swinging instrumental brilliantly. There's something about Pat Lok and his ability to make these feel good tunes that just make you happy when listening...it's the same with "Crystal Ball"...pure happy vibes!

Pat Lok is performing tomorrow in Paris, will then continue his journey to Stockholm on the 10th and wrap up his tour in London on the 11th. Check out more details on his social media channels.

Stream "Crystal Ball" on SPOTIFY 
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love Is Alive

After a few months time, Louis The Child are back with a brand new single called "Love Is Alive" featuring Elohim. Yeah...it's not like they have forgotten how to make music in that time, because this track just delivers...end of story. While the sound design on this track might be a little less experimental, it has a pleasant and well rounded vibe that makes you feel good. As you'll notice, the bass line is acting as the main driver in this track, but it works like a charm up against that crisp vocal by Elohim. Give it a spin and enjoy!

Get/Stream "Love Is Alive" by clicking HERE
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With nearly 600k plays in 12 days on Soundcloud at the time of writing, it's safe to say that Autograf have had huge success with their remix for Clean Bandit's "Rockabye". Maybe you've already had the pleasure of listening to this fantastic track, but if not, you're in luck....now is your chance. With the sound on this remix, they go back to their roots and deliver a danceable and upbeat listening experience. It's not a full on feel good tune though, as a melancholic flavour hovers over the track. This is quite refreshing though and I think Autograf have found a working balance that makes this an absolute firecracker, while still hitting you right in the feels. 

Get/Stream "Rockabye" (Autograf Remix) by clicking HERE

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Taped Up Heart

Time to check out what Lash have been up to recently.

As the cover art above has already revealed, this one is a remix for Kream's "Taped Up Heart" feat. Clara Mae. Their version takes on a more tropical flavour, while maintaining some of the catchy vocal elements from the original mix, which serves to make this remix extra catchy. So to compensate for the winter season here in Scandinavia, give this summer inspired remix a spin and get all warm and fuzzy inside! 

Oh...and by the way...if that wasn't enough,  Lash have also released a remix for Parson James' "Sad Song". I've included it in the MYWLT playlist on Spotify if you want to check that one out too :) 

Get/Stream "Taped Up Heart" (Lash Remix) by clicking HERE

Check out MYWLT on SPOTIFY

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Don't Leave

If you're looking for a Sunday party track...of course you are...then this remix by Throttle for Snakehips & MØ's "Don't Leave" won't let you down. Here you get to the enjoy the combo, house music meets big band. A solid club track creates the foundation for this remix, but as the drop/chorus kicks in, this amazing horn sound stirs up a party. This new vibe suits the vocal by MØ incredibly well, making it impossible to figure out if this is a remix or not. Throttle's remix has already been out for a few days and you can pick up a copy or stream via your favourite platform if you click the link below. Enjoy!

Get/Stream "Don't Leave" (Throttle Remix) by clicking HERE

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Time to take a chill-pill here on this fine Sunday and listen to this track by LA based RYDER called "Nirvana" . As you'll notice as soon as you hit the play button...this is not a "banger". However, it's also not without energy either. The mix between organic, electronic and atmospheric sounds create a blissful and attractive vibe that swivels around the almost spiritual vocal performance. It's easy to get lost to this track, but who cares...that's why I brought it along :) Give it at spin below and enjoy.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Growing Up

Phil Good keeps spinning out some serious feel good tunes. Following up on his hit "Sleeping In", he has dropped this single called "Growing Up". Both instrumental and lyrics have a much darker vibe compared to his earlier release, but despite that the track is very likeable and catchy sounding. I really like the growling bass line and how it adds lots of depth, while the vocal sample during the chorus gives the instrumental a perfect touch of brightness to give everything some contrast. And then there's the vocal...absolutely dope! Give it a spin below:

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NYC based Jenna Kyle is a name you should pay close attention to. With the release of her debut single "Dust", she has launched her music career with one heck of a track. Her soulful vocal performance and the indie inspired instrumental, creates a deep and intriguing vibe that develops throughout the playtime. Even though the track carries some influence of other female indie/pop artists, I still think her vocal has some serious characteristics that make me want to bet that we will be hearing a whole lot more to Jenna Kyle in the near future. Give "Dust" a listen below or stream via Spotify.

Stream "Dust" via SPOTIFY
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Friday, February 3, 2017

Pacific Coast Highway

Is it summer already? No, it's not, but you can feel the sun shine if you give this new single by Two Friends a listen. "Pacific Coast Highway" is the first single off their forthcoming EP called Out Of Love, featuring MAX on vocals. The focus on developing a more acoustic dance sound has been prominent in the most recent releases by the duo and this track sets another benchmark in that department. You'll still be able to pick up their signature Two Friends vibe...they really got that spot on...but this time the release packs a more pop influenced tone, making it very radio friendly too. Yup, that means your grandparents will like this too!

The entire EP is set to release on February 24th, but you can already stream "Pacific Coast Highway" right here, or via your favourite platform (see link below)

Get/Stream "Pacific Coast Highway" by clicking HERE
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Thursday, February 2, 2017


Kiso and Cosmos & Creature have joined forces for the creation of a new single they cal "Antidote". If the instrumental sound familiar, it's because it comes from "Nights Out", an instrumental released about a month ago. The vocal really lifts the track though and takes it to a new level. The dead on perfect vocal performance fits perfectly and makes it an instant feel good track, with ear worm appeal. The sound design also marks a new direction for Kiso and I hope it's something he will keep exploring in future tracks too. 

Give "Antidote" a spin, grab a download or check out the links for your favourite streaming service in the link below:

Download/Stream by clicking HERE
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Let's continue with another new single. This one comes from Lost Kings and it's called "Quit You". This single follows up on their huge hit "Phone Down", so there's some footsteps to fill, but they've totally pulled it off! "Quit You" takes on a lighter and brighter note and has a more radio friendly vibe overall. Thanks to the vocal performance by Tinashe, there's a distinct modern pop influence that makes the sound a little commercial, but it doesn't change the fact that listening to this track will bring a smile to your face. Hit the play button or visit Spotify or Itunes via the link below.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dead End Love

Vasta and N2N have joined forces and created this super crisp house remix for XYLØ's "Dead End Love". The energy on this remix is absolutely on point and I love the play with the vocal. Even though vocal chop has annoyed me for some time now, I think this one departs from the DJ Snake style of vocal chop, creating a different kind of texture. The guitar and bass parts alone though, are already worth a listen. If you feel the summer vibes on this one, you're not alone. Go ahead and grab a free download via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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