Thursday, February 2, 2017


Kiso and Cosmos & Creature have joined forces for the creation of a new single they cal "Antidote". If the instrumental sound familiar, it's because it comes from "Nights Out", an instrumental released about a month ago. The vocal really lifts the track though and takes it to a new level. The dead on perfect vocal performance fits perfectly and makes it an instant feel good track, with ear worm appeal. The sound design also marks a new direction for Kiso and I hope it's something he will keep exploring in future tracks too. 

Give "Antidote" a spin, grab a download or check out the links for your favourite streaming service in the link below:

Download/Stream by clicking HERE
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Let's continue with another new single. This one comes from Lost Kings and it's called "Quit You". This single follows up on their huge hit "Phone Down", so there's some footsteps to fill, but they've totally pulled it off! "Quit You" takes on a lighter and brighter note and has a more radio friendly vibe overall. Thanks to the vocal performance by Tinashe, there's a distinct modern pop influence that makes the sound a little commercial, but it doesn't change the fact that listening to this track will bring a smile to your face. Hit the play button or visit Spotify or Itunes via the link below.

Get/Stream "Quit You" via ITUNES // SPOTIFY
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