Video Premiere: THANKS feat. Sam Sparro - Your Man

No alternative facts to be found here! It's definitely Friday and that should is enough reason to party :)

Let's light things up with a track called "Your Man" by Danish duo THANKS. Behind this gratifying name are Anders B & Anders SG, who are also part of the band Alphabeat. That might have been a giveaway as to the sound design, however there's more...The vocal is performed by none other than Sam Sparro.

The single was released last year in December, but now there is a dope video to keep things spinning. According to THANKS, the video is a take on old VHS tapes, sped up by a 90s home-computer and hijacked by two guys with some synths and bongos and Mr. Sam Sparro in the most red oversized bomber jacked you'll ever see.

If that doesn't make you curious, then it's your own fault ;-)

Have a nice weekend!

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