Bittersweet Emotion

jackLNDN never disappoints and he manifests my statement with his latest single release called "Bittersweet Emotion", which I'll happily call my favourite release by the London producer so far. Josh Tobias is responsible for the soulful vocal performance and together with the tight house instrumental, what we have here are just pure feel good vibes. Thanks to a catchy bass line there's a high chance this will develop into your next's certainly the case for me. jackLNDN is giving "Bittersweet Emotion" away as a free download and you can grab a copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Up next is a new single by Norwegian artist Julie Bergan called "Blackout". While you all know my feelings about vocal chop by now, what strikes me about "Blackout" is the vocal performance and...everything apart from the drop. I love the melodic and emotional side of the track and Julie Bergan's ability to move between fragile and powerful. Of course it's enhanced through effects, but it works magic for me. Production wise, I find that the dead spot around 1:00 is a stroke of genius, what a fine little detail...simple, but effective. Give her new track a spin by hitting the play button or check out the link below for a Spotify stream. Enjoy!

Stream "Blackout" via SPOTIFY
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