Let's start out this dope new week with a brand new single from L.A. based Two Friends and Exit Friendzone. This is called "Overdose" and it's probably the only good overdose you can get...apart from love that is. However, that is exactly what the track is about and combining that with an instrumental that has just the right blend of energy and emotions, you have something you can listen to again and again (earworm alarm). Two Friends' characteristic piano sound is proudly present here as well, giving "Overdose" their signature vibe. The vocal performance by Natalola is also absolutely fantastic, being both extremely powerful and fragile in the parts where it needs to be. 

"Overdose" is out now via Armada Trice and available via most major music platforms (see link below).

Get/stream "Overdose" by Two Friends & Exit Friendzone by clicking HERE
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