Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amorak the World

Today's first track is an epic bootleg by KitSch called "Amorak the World". The track can be download for free via KitSch 2.0 Fan Page on the Facebook. The bootleg really kicks some **** and the combo of Denzal Park and SHM really works out great!

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Sticking with the bootlegs today, Italian DJ and producer Mattias reworked the track by 360 called "Boys Like You" and it hasn't harmed the track at all! Yes, you guessed it: This is also a free download! So go ahead and download the track if you like it :)

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Next track is a mashup by mashup magician Ken Loi. This track is a little older, but it is now available as a free download and you can now rock the house together with Afrojack vs. Skrillex!

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To wrap up this great Sunday; Here is a classic track! Enjoy Rithma with "Love & Music" (Kaskade Remix)

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