Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Waste Love

Today's first is an amazing track by Kaskade called "Waste Love" (Ice Mix) feat. Quadron. The track was originally featured on Kaskade's Fire & Ice album, but here is the extended mix, for free! Enjoy yourself!

If you missed Fire & Ice, you can buy it on in an iTunes store near you!

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Next up is an EP release by Russian Archie. The EP consists of two tracks and the best thing...? It is free via Facebook! Give both tracks a listen below!

Lapdance (Original Mix)

No Chaser (Original Mix)

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Last, but now least: Here is the latest track by mashup magician Ken Loi. Enjoy: Orjan Nilson vs SVD & Julian Jordan vs Erik Hecht "Walking Copperfield Kangaroo". Download for free.

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