Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can We Talk

Today's first track is called "Can We Talk" by Ben Macklin in the Absolute Valentine Remix. Whether your a synth fan or not, this remix is mandatory. The vibe is simply way too good. French producer Absolute Valentine hit the sweet spot, no doubt. Download this remix for free via Facebook.

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Next up is a track by Moon Boots called "Don't Ask Why" feat. Kyiki which is simply astonishing, but what else would you expect from Moon Boots? Following tradition, this is also available as a free download via Facebook.

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Finally there is news from French kiddie Madeon, who has been a bit silent for the past few month. Now he has re-surfaced with a track called "Cut The Kid", which was produced a few years ago, but nevertheless it's still super awesome classic Madeon style. This is also a free download, but it requires a bit of code cracking to get it :) Simply follow the link below (if you have no idea how to solve the puzzle, look at the comments on Madeon's Facebook posts.)

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