Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today's first track is called "Memory" by Tom Misch. This is the first single from the young London based producer out on his own label called Beyond the Groove. The vibe is classic Tom Misch and very relaxed. The guitar track is quite characteristic and has been featured on a couple of earlier Tom Misch productions. Check it out below and get your own copy from an iTunes Store near you.

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Next up is a track called "Les Voiles" by POOM. Yes...it's French!!! You might not understand what they are singing, but you don't need to be a Professor to figure out it sounds awesome! The track is indie/pop, with a funky disco vibe to it and the chorus is super catchy. Hit play below and enjoy :)

Check out the video as well!

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The next track is called "Disappear" by XXANAXX in the Ryan Tennison remix. This particular remix is hard to lock down into a certain genre, as it covers both progressive, deep and classic house elements. Yet it's very club friendly and catchy. If you're interested in getting your hands on this awesome remix, give a shout to Ryan Tennison via email "ryantennisonryan(at)gmail.com"

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Finally, because it's Monday, here is German DJ and producer Kyco's latest smashing mashing mashup of the week called "Leave the Wolves". Omph your way over to Facebook to pick up your free download:

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