Friday, May 1, 2015

Flashed Junk Mind

The amazing Shaun Frank is out with a new single called "Time". It's definitely one of his more deeper releases, stepping somewhat back from his more progressive side. However, there is no doubt that this is a Shaun Frank release. Fans of his music should still easily be able to hear out the audible clues that reveal who's behind the track. "Time" still have lots of momentum, energy and a kick ass beat, so it fits nicely into the existing Shaun Frank portfolio. The track is out now on Size Records and you can pick it up over at Beatport (link below):

Download "Time" on BEATPORT
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There has also been word from Two Friends and this time they are back with a fresh indie progressive remix of Milky Chance's "Flashed Junk Mind". The piano heavy melody packs a lot of punch and give the track it's power. The riff is extremely catchy and after listening to this a few times it got stuck in my head. Thankfully, you can listen to the track as many times as you like and pick up the track as a free download as well (link below).

Download HERE

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