Would U

Laarsen...This is a name you should start paying attention to. Although I don't know a lot about this producer, this debut single has me longing for more. The project name Laarsen sounds like it could be  a Danish act, but that is just speculation...could as well be from out of space. Musically, I'm picking up a distinct UK garage sound and a lot of atmospheric electronica elements that give this track called "Would U" a very distinct and unique sound. The vibe feels cold, but it's catchy and dreamy at the same time and it somehow suits the current season (if you're not reading this from south of the equator). Supposedly Laarsen has a debut EP coming out later in the spring, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, listen to "Would U" here and or check the links below for alternatives. 

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Download HERE (via XLR8R)

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