NYC based producer Warner Case has dropped a new single called "Thereforeyou" following up on the release "Upsidown". His laid back sound bounces calmingly through the speakers once you hit the play button, making it ideal for an easy listening session. As a producer and singer Warner Case has his signature on the entire track with the exception of the guitar which is played by Youngr.

If you happen to be in Guadalajara, Mexico City or NYC you can get the chance to experience him live in April and May. For his NYC show he will be the supporting act for the legendary Swiss DJ EDX at Marquee. See the dates and details right here below:

Stream via SPOTIFY

Tour dates:
Apr. 21: Club Janis, Mexico City
Apr. 27: MUI MUI, Guadalajara
May 4: Marquee NYC, direct support for EDX

Follow Warner Case on social media: FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM


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