Off My Mind

Liverpool's own Tom Ferry returns with a strong dance tune called "Off My Mind" together with Swedish talent and winner of "Idol" 2014 Lisa Ajax. The tune reflects the best of both artists and delivers a perfect mix between emotional bliss and raw power, both in the vocal and instrumental department. If you think..."wait a minute...Tom Ferry...that name rings a bell", then there's a very good reason for that. With hits like "Remedy" (w. Mike Mago, Ily), "Coming After Your Love" (w. Ily) and my personal favourite "Skin Deep" (w. Alex Hoskins), this man is a proper hit maker and has in a relatively short amount of time developed a distinct and mature sound that sits right in the golden gap, where it is perfect for the radio as well as the club scene.

"Off My Mind" is out now via Enhanced. Press play here or click the link below for all streaming options.

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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