Redux 003

It's been a long time coming, it's been teased left and right and about two weeks ago it finally dropped. What started as a bit of a side gig for Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade has slowly, but continuously gained in popularity. As a way to relieve the early days of his DJ career, focussing on playing at smaller venues with music that had a more hypnotic and deep sounding vibe, Kaskade did this for himself, to the sensation of his devoted fan base.  Now we're at the third iteration of the Redux series and it's an absolute mammoth of a release. Never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated an 18 track release from the Chicago native, but here we are. I've chosen three tracks which personally stood out to me after listening for the past weeks. There's a lot to discover though and that is also due to the influx of features from his archive of friends, such as Zip Zip Through The Night, Felix Cartal, Gorgon City, Late Night Alumni, Mr. Tape and more. You'll also find the already popular singles "Tight" and "Fun" as part of the album.

Out now via his own imprint Arkade, you can stream Redux 003 everywhere! Links below. 

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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