This one has been on my radar for a long time and about two weeks ago it finally dropped. Vancouver main man Pat Lok has released this masterful EP containing 7 tunes (incl. "From The Back") which I've featured here earlier. Titled "Corazón" (which is Spanish for "heart"), there is no denying that Pat has poured his heart and soul into the making of this. Below you'll find one of my favourite tracks from the EP which is called "Know Me" feat. Kate Stewart. Originally "Know Me" was released as a single last year, but I'm happy to see it included here as well. It's one of the more radio friendly pieces you'll find on "Corazón" with a vibe that brings back memories to the early days of the French Express label (Moon Boots, Jonas Rathsman, Perseus, etc). Maybe it's the nostalgia speaking to me, or maybe it's because it's just a bloody awesome track. Judge for yourself and make sure to check out the other great tunes on the EP like "Don't Think" feat. Tom Aspaul, "Late.Nite" and "So Over It" feat. Hannah Yadi. 

Get/stream Corazón by clicking HERE

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