Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bassline Soldiers

Italian producer NiCe7 has made a seriously cool track called "Bassline Soldiers", which is part of a 5 track EP to be released on Noir Music. Enjoy this masterpiece track and stay tuned for the release of the EP called "Back To Basics".

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Increasing the BPM for a moment with Dutch DJ Chuckie's live set from EDC Las Vegas 2012. Enjoy these massive beats and play it out (very) loud!

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Increasing the BPM's even more, here is today's final track by U.S. based MaMMaLs. This remix is taking part in a remix competition for Cypress Hill and Rusko's track "Lez Go". So if you like this track, then Lez Go and support MaMMaLs on Talenthouse and vote for the remix HERE

The track can be downloaded for free HERE

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