Thursday, June 7, 2012

On My Side

Danish DJ and producer Rune RK is certainly productive at the moment. Constantly releasing new sneak and peaks and new tracks in his two artist names (incl. K├Âlsch). This time Rune has made a superb remix of Turboweekend's great track "On My Side". The track is set to be released this Monday, so stay tuned!

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A release that I have definitely missed out on is Tujamo & Plastik Funk with the amazing track "WHO", which was released May 1. Nevertheless I am proud to feature this track on the blog and if I were you, I would buy this track immediately on Beatport! 


Today's free track is a remix by Polaris At Noon of Kimbra and the track "Settle Down". So when you have settled down after listening to this nice remix, you may download the track for free, with a hit on the download button :-)

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