Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rewind Me Up

Today's first two tracks are by 22 year old producer Miguel Fernandez from Belgium with an amazing chilled out track called "Rewind Me Up" feat. Mari Posa. This is one of those tracks where you just want to close your eyes and dream away. Unfortunately there is no info regarding release or download of the track, but stay tuned :)

Don't be all sad about that, because SirDeckster (the artist name of Miguel Fernandez) has a free download in store for you. It is a remix of Digits' track "Where Do We Belong" and it is just super relaxing to listen to. Go get it!

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To those who are seeking a new track with some higher bpm, this is for you. It is the DallasK Bootleg of Skrillex vs. Leon Bolier with "Right Us". Crank up the volume and destroy you speakers at your own risk :)

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