Today's first track is a terrific remix of Bon Iver's "Minnesota, WI" by Icelandic producer Lovely Lovely Ludwig Van. Dream away with this ambient and cool sounding piece of music! The track is available as a free download, so go get it while you can!

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Next up is a little nu-disco compilation, in terms of a mixtape! Enjoy CC:Disco with her latest "Pink Flamingo" set. (Full tracklist below)

Matilda's Dream - John Talabot
Rhodes to Nowhere - Debonair
Night Moves - Rocco Raimundo
No worries - Suzanne Kraft
New love - Rayko
We go straight ahead - Lesale
Simulation - Roisin Murphy
Ez to love - Sleezy McQueen
How long (tensnake remix)- Suggadaddy
Keep on Keepin On - Rocco Raimundo
I've had the time of my life (Lesale edit)- Bill medley & Jennifer Warnes
Power (zimmer remix)
Miles inside (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix) - Worship
Green on Blue (Moon boots remix) - Monsoon Season ft Miss bee
Whatever You Want - Only children
Stop and Look - Bonay Bradley
Alright - Slow it down + Elijah Collins
Die Die Die - Axel Bowen
I'm every woman - Whitney Houston 

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If you think you are the only one who wonders what Daft Punk is up to, you are wrong. Rumours about a new tour and a new album are all over. But what do you think? What going on?! Give your 2cents in the comments below! Meanwhile, lets listen to this "One More Time".

Stay tuned @ Daft Punk


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