Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Good To Be Back

It's so nice to be back at the keyboard after a short break to find the channels full of amazing new tunes. The list is long for today's post so let's get started!

Today's first track is called "Caaalifornia" by French Horn Rebellion (feat. Ghost Beach) in the Solidisco Remix. It's a great Balearic style track, which makes you think a few months back, when it was summer. Enjoy and download the track for free (pay with a tweet)!

Download HERE

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Next up is a track called "Unknown Language" by Yaaman. It's a very cool sounding house track (on the border to deep house). Originally this track was produced as a remix, but for some complicated reason, it's not the case anymore! Enjoy a free gem from Yaaman, download it below!

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Time for another remix....here it's Duke Dumont's track "Need U (100%)" feat. AME in the Amtrac Remix. Classic Amtrac style remix, with a fantastic vibe to it! Download it for free!

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Thanks to Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1, we can now all enjoy this new track by Isaac Tichauer called "I'll Let You Go". So here it is...download it for free!

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And now....a rare visitor to MYWLT....it's Tiesto with the track "iTrance" feat. Disco Fries. You might have stumbled across this track already, but in case you haven't, it's a free download and you can grab it below!

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Finally, let's round up with a preview of a new track by Ton! Dyson vs. Eddy G called "What A Night" The track will be released via New Guerilla Recordings on October 28. This track is a symbol of just how energetic progressive house can be. Check it out and make sure to grab it via Beatport once it's released!

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