Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stop Me Cold

Today's first track is called "Stop Me Cold", which is the latest single by LIZ and it's available as a free download (via Facebook). You might experience a deja-vu when you listen to this, as it does have some influence from certain tracks from around the early 00's. Yet, her voice is quite spectacular and it's always nice with some dnb :) Enjoy!

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Next up is a banger mashup by Portuguese based Dj João Trindade, who combined Dannic & Sick Individial's track "Blueprint" with John Newman's track "Love Me Again". It's completely insane! Download it for free!

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Finally, another mashup, this time by U.S. based BRITO called "Loko Sunrise", combining The Aston Shuffle & Tommy Trash's hit "Sunrise" with David Solano's "Loko". Omph Omph Omph! Download the track for free via Facebook!

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