Monday, December 23, 2013

Bleach Pool

Today's first track is called "Bleach Pool" by Chicago based The GTW. This interesting soul inspired track really keeps you on your toes, because of its interesting composition! Give the track a solid listen below and grab yourself an early Christmas present, as it's a free download!

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Next up is a track by Milk N Cookies called "Mastodon" feat. Alina Renae in the Louis The Child Remix. Although the style of this remix is much like several Fat Rat tracks, it's still super awesome and it comes as a free download via Facebook. What more do you want?

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Finally, a banger! This time it's Sandro Silva & Quintino's "Epic" that has been remixed by Just Fine and Atik. Notice the intro and the sudden transformation into a formidable step track and back into a progressive power track. It's a free download too (via Facebook) ;-)

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