Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So it's almost 2014...time to rewind and list the best of 2013 featured on MYWLT.
(remark: as with all "the best" list, you might not agree, but feel free to add your favorites in the comments below)


Best Mashup: Martin Garrix vs. Beltek - Inhale Animals (Luke Glaas & Nic Glaas Mashup)

Nic Glaas and Luke Glaas have been busy creating so many insane mashups throughout the year and this one is most likely on of their best so far!

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Best Remix: ASTR - Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Chainsmokers...WOW...They have attached themselves to a rocket and gone through the roof. There are so many great remixes this year, but this freebie from the U.S. based duo was probably one of the biggest positive surprises in a long time!

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Best Album: Kaskade - Atmosphere

"Atmosphere" was another good surprise. Consider "Atmosphere" a combination of what "Fire & Ice" was, just on a single disc, with a slight overweight on the chill tune side. The track "Atmosphere" with Kaskade singing himself for the first time, is for the history books.

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Best Original: Mark Knight - Your Love

Kylie Minogue samples and some slick beats...Mark Knight the wizard of clubness wins this round!

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This list is definitely not final. There were so many fantastic tracks in 2013, so please feel free to add your favorite in the comments below!

Take care and see you in 2014!

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