My Buddy Caught The Heartbeat

Today's first track is called "Fall In Love" and with that title, it's obviously the track by Phantogram in mind. This particular version is a very deep sounding remix by U.S. based Figgy. Last time Figgy was featured on @MYWLT, it was with his excellent track "Do It Like Us", which (if you haven't already) should check out HERE. If you have fallen in love (pun intended) with this delicious remix, there is a free download waiting for you on Facebook (link below):

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Next up is an oldschool sounding mashup put created by Dr Packer called "My Buddy Caught The Heartbeat". This mashup has summer written all over it, but if you're stuck with your top down in a snow storm, you'll probably still be alright with this piece of awesomesauce. Download this for free right here below:

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