Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time To Chill

Today's first track is called "Without Time" by MyKill & Walker. This piece of ambience is just pushing out the summer vibes with sexy sax and great synths. Check it out and grab your free download below:

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Next up is a sweet remix of Beyoncé track "Partition" by Paris based Invoker. This piece of deep house has a great smooth vibe that really sets a special mood, once you hit that play button. The vocal is pitched and very deep, but it works very well at 110BPM. Download your own copy for free via Facebook:

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Finally, here is Cocoon with "Cathedral" in the Dinnerdate remix. This track has a Bon Iver feel about it, with it's guitar play and vocal. Dinnerdate has done great to make this track sound open and friendly, while at the same time keeping the tracks original indie feel. Download this great remix for free via Facebook:

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