Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm

Today's first track is called "Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm" by Benjamin Francis Leftwich in the Lenzeg Remix. With a smooth Bon Iver like indie vibe, this piece of ambient electronica is your relax and chill out tune for the day. Grab it for free right here below:

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Next up is a track called "Red Moon" by Those Wicked Hours in the Glastrophobie Remix. This is another ambient track, yet it is a bit more upbeat than the track above. The vocal track is also slightly rock influenced, making it and interesting combo. Check it out below, there is a free download waiting for you on Facebook (link below).

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Finally, here is a cool remix from Mooz of Dirty Vegas' track "Let The Night". The characteristic Mooz sound is represented on this piece and it's sweet as potato. Grab this awesome track for free via Facebook (link below).

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